Feelings and Fashion Coexist at Georgetown

by Kelly Song

Photos by Asli Acar

It’s a weekday, and it’s time for class. You wake up to your alarm, get up eventually, and wash up before starting the day. While this is all very important, the most important decision that you make each day is the decision to clothe yourself. Of course, how you decide to do this is entirely up to you and often situational.

 You may be…

Feeling cold:

Layer it up! You can still wear your favorite T or tank; just pair it with your choice of cardigan and/or scarf. Pullovers and henleys work, because they tend to be warm, comfy, and casual. Sweaters, sweatshirts, and knits are also great options, stables of a comprehensive fall and winter wardrobe. Chunky sweaters and loose-fitting clothes look awesome as long as you maintain some shape. Oftentimes, students pair leggings, jeans, khakis, or some sort of fitted pant with their layered or bulkier top. The key to not getting swallowed up in your cozy clothes is in the fit.

Feeling fancy:

Unless you’ve got an interview or formal presentation that day, a business suit or business dress is not necessary for class. For girls who want to dress up for class, sporting a casual dress is more than acceptable. Skirts are nice too, as long as you remember you’re not going to Prospect, you’re going to class. The blouse and legging combo is a popular one, and that can go either way: fancy or casual. For guys feeling fancy, the button-down and khakis combo is everywhere. Try standing out with corduroys or colored pants and pairing it with any collared shirt.

Feeling preppy:

Go ahead, button up your oxford and slip on those pastels and boat shoes! There’s a reason why they’re so popular. Clean lines, pleasant colors, equestrian details. The possibilities are endless and will receive a warm welcome at Georgetown. Odds are you’ve seen enough preppy outfits to glean inspiration.

Speaking of spirit, maybe you’re feeling proud to be a Hoya:

We’re college students after all, and we go to Georgetown University! Georgetown gear is seen from Car Barn to St. Mary’s, and its always a good day to be a Hoya.

And with that ends this cursory guide to what students typically wear to class at Georgetown University. At the end of the day, your outfit is your medium for expression, comfort, and style. You do you!

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