By Hannah Kaufman

As the hotter months quickly draw to a close, those walks to Walsh and Car Barn are about to get a lot colder. Not ready to part with your summer wardrobe just yet? No problem. These are eight ways to rescue your seasonal clothes and incorporate them into trending fall fashion.

For Girls:

1. Turn your summery maxi skirt into an autumn hit by pairing it with a long-sleeve sweater or cardigan and ankle boots. The longer layers will keep your warm while at the same time give you that sought after boho-chic appearance.

Photo by Deniz Citak

2. By themselves, sundresses can be too bright and sunny for fall. Throw on a dark-colored leather jacket to add flare to your feminine look. Add your favorite pair of knee-high boots for an extra layer of warmth and a touch of grunge.

Photo by Deniz Citak


3. For your drawer full of adorable patterned and denim shorts: put on opaque stockings and some ankle boots to stay bundled up and fashionable. Complete the outfit with a simple sweater or cardigan.

Photo by Deniz Citak Photo by Deniz Citak

4. Don’t pack away your cute romper just yet! With a baggy cardigan, thigh-high socks, and boots, this look quickly transforms into the ultimate autumn ensemble.

5. Incorporate a flimsy lace or quilted vest into your fall wardrobe by pairing it with a dark, natural-colored top and your favorite skinny jeans. The design of the vest will give dimension to your outfit, while the additional layers will keep you warm.

Photo by Deniz Citak

6. Mix and match your endless collection of short-sleeve and sleeveless shirts with one or two cardigans for a look that never gets old. Alternate the color and texture of your cardigans to switch it up every time.

7. Wear flowy, low-cut summer tops with that new scarf for a casual autumn outfit that is guaranteed to keep your neck warm and snug throughout the day.

8.  Combine colorful capris with knee-high socks and boots to give your look a vibrant, playful vibe. Pair with a simple cardigan or sweater and a dark-colored belt to finish off this timeless fall fashion statement.

For Guys:

Photo by Deniz Citak

1.     If you’ve got a ton of summer-themed cotton t-shirts, pair them with a simple leather jacket or blazer to give your outfit edgier look. Wear converse sneakers or bulky boots to contrast the more severe shape of the jacket or blazer.

2.     As the weather transitions, don’t be afraid to experiment with your layers. Throw on a long-sleeve sweater over colored knee-length khakis for a look that transcends the seasons.

3.     Your flimsier plain or plaid buttondowns can double as sweaters in these chilly months. Layer them with a t-shirt and any kind of scarf for added style and warmth.

Photo by Deniz Citak

4.     These buttondowns, along with any patterned collared shirt, can also be worn beneath a sweater or cardigan when it gets closer to winter. Consider pairing this ensemble with natural-colored jeans of dark reds, greens, or browns for a more fall-oriented look.

Photo by Deniz Citak

5.     Boat shoes are great for almost every season. You can add a pair of socks for warmth and let your jeans simply drape over them, or you can shake it up a bit. Choose a funky, colorful pair of socks that matches with some small element of your outfit like your belt or your undershirt. Fold up the cuffs of your jeans to show them off, and add just the right amount of spunk to your look.

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