Photos and article by Samuel Boyne

Living in Georgetown, most of us have probably become somewhat if not very familiar with the shopping scene around M Street and Wisconsin Avenue. While these streets have a lot to offer in terms of new clothes and styles each season, there are two gems on M street where students can look for that “unique piece” to fit into their wardrobe.

Second Time Around and Buffalo Exchange, two consignment stores on M Street just a few doors down from each other, offer a wide array of stylish resale items that could fulfill your craving for a new jacket or pair of shoes without limiting you to this year’s styles.  Second Time Around offers a variety of select brands and designers for women’s apparel, ranging from college-affordable pieces to more expensive designer items. Buffalo Exchange, a college consignment shop staple offers a mixed bag of interesting clothing articles for both men and women at good prices. Both stores have a steady influx of customers on two sides of the consignment spectrum: sellers and buyers.


These stores serve as a way for people to bring in pieces they don’t wear anymore, and for others to find good clothes less costly than the previous retail cost. So if you’re shopping around M Street, drop by either or both of these stores. You probably won’t leave empty-handed.

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