By Ryley Gregorie 

What’s a bushy-browed 90’s child to do when born into a world of thin, daintily arched eyebrows? Change the style of course! Cara Delevingne is our girl credited with doing just that.

Enter the power brow. This full, bold look is sported not only by the face of Burberry herself, but by several of her peers as well, including Lily Collins, Rita Ora, and Hailee Steinfeld. Emphasizing eyebrows is reminiscent of generations past. Recall Lauren Bacall’s bold-browed reign over the 1940s, Elizabeth Taylor’s captivating dark frames of the 1950s, and Brooke Shield’s unkempt notoriety in the 1980s.

The trend has picked up speed over the past five years, much to the dismay of women who have long been whittling down their brows. Let’s remember that eyebrows do not grow back easily. In an effort to reverse the damage done, these women have turned to everything from hundred dollar vitamins to ten thousand dollar eyebrow transplants.

Our generation may not have the funds for extreme beauty measures, but we are lucky enough to have our natural brows more or less intact. With a solid foundation still in place, the perfect power brow is attainable for anyone with the right products and a good, reliable salon.

There are a myriad of products that will help you get or give the impression that you already have dark, thick brows rivaling any you’d find on the runway. To stimulate hair growth, Roshni Fernandes (Salon Pejman’s resident threading specialist), recommends picking up caster oil from Whole Foods. Apply it to your brows nightly and let it rinse out when you wash your face in the morning. After six weeks, you should see noticeably fuller brows.

If you’re looking for more immediate results, add powder, a pencil, and gel to your usual makeup routine for daily brow boosting. The powder gives the impression of thickness while the pencil adds shape, and the gel holds everything in place. Sephora on M Street is your one stop shop for all things eyebrows. We recommend stocking up on Anastasia Beverly Hills’ tinted brow gel, Marc Jacob’s brow tamer, and Benefit’s Gimme Brow, which Cara herself reportedly uses. What further endorsement could you possibly need?

While it’s nice to be able to maintain your eyebrows from home, you deserve to have someone else worry about them once in a while. Before choosing a salon, however, you have to decide which technique – plucking, waxing, or threading – is best for you.

Plucking is by far the simplest procedure. You could do it on your own or head to a salon and ask them to use nothing but tweezers. This approach is precise, best maintains the eyebrow’s shape, and saves you money. However, plucking doesn’t pull hair from the root, so it’s more likely to cause ingrown hairs and leave you with patchy spots.

People have sworn by threading for hundreds of years. The ancient practice is both precise and easy on your skin. The thin thread used in this technique removes hair and dead skin so your makeup will apply smoothly, and powder will sit perfectly on your face. The only concern is that the speedy process encourages excessive hair removal.

If you’re hoping to avoid frequent trips to the salon, waxing is a good option. It generally has the longest lasting effects, and hair regrowth is much tamer. However, it does leave you red for the rest of the day and is even thought to cause wrinkles due to the harsh tugging on your skin.

Each of these three techniques has their pros and cons. Professionals on all sides will argue their own technique is the best, but in the end it’s really up to the individual to decide what they want. Luckily, you can find a great salon close to campus for whichever service you prefer.

hilltop voGUe’s picks:

On a College Budget


Dupont Threading || 1314 18th Street, NW

$12 threading, 7 days a week

If you’re willing to make the trek, Dupont Threading is one of the most cost efficient choices in town. The salon is within a few blocks of the GUTS bus stop, and walk-ins are welcome. There are plenty of threading professionals on call, and they are generally all very good about not going overboard.


Vicky’s Nail Boutique || 1616 Wisconsin Ave

$12 waxing, 7 days a week

Vicky’s is a boutique nail salon tucked into a corner of Wisconsin Avenue. While it’s been a longtime Georgetown favorite for affordable manicures and pedicures, few realize the salon also offers face and body waxing. The atmosphere is nice, the customer service is good, and they even offer a package that combines your eyebrows and nails so you can do it all at once.

Pamper Yourself


Disclosure: The writer has received treatment at this salon

Photo by Serena Seshadri Photo by Serena Seshadri

Salon Pejman || 1419 Wisconsin Avenue

$20 threading, Tuesday through Saturday

Salon Pejman is the type of salon that attracts longtime, loyal customers. Pejman Sayas, the salon’s owner, attributes this to the personalized treatment they offer each costumer, the quality of their services, and the salon’s overall healing environment. Roshni Fernandes is the resident threading specialist and her customers include one of Georgetown’s varsity teams as well as several members of administration, but we’re not naming names. Along with threading, the salon also offers just about every other beauty procedure imaginable, including medical facials and acupuncture.


Photo by Serena Seshadri Photo by Serena Seshadri

IZZY Salon || 2903 M Street

Waxing starting at $35 dollars, Tuesday through Sunday

IZZY is a full service, boutique salon recognized by Allure Magazine as the best place for brows in DC. Their aesthetician, Catherine Dubois, handles all things eyebrows and is confident waxing is the way to go. Her “surgical precision” attracts high profile Washington clients, and the salon itself boasts Hillary Clinton as a regular.

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