By Caitlin Karna


Hailing from Dallas, TX, I’m used to a year-round temperate climate where the term “parka” is only used when discussing skiing trips. However, since my choice to ditch the South and migrate to the East Coast, I have learned how to dress for weather in the District. The fashionista in me has struggled to find the perfect outerwear that will complement my outfit yet keep me warm. After recent research and trial and error, here’s what stands out.


The Everyday Jacket ($98)

This Nordstrom pick is perfect when you need a jacket to throw on as you are rushing out the door. Simple yet sophisticated, this jacket is still a standout look because of its uniqueness. With the bottom half coated in faux leather and the top a chic fall-to-winter gray, this jacket excels in its versatility. The hood and drawstrings say casual, but the leather says dress me up. Plus, the fur-lined hood will do the trick when your ears get chilly.

The Raincoat ($99)

The only thing worse than cold is cold and wet. Thus, the perfect raincoat! This Calvin Klein piece covers all the bases. My personal favorite is the plum Chianti color, a bold choice yet still easily complementary to many outfits. Since it is a shell coat, this jacket allows sweaters on sweaters to layer underneath. Plus, it has a large hood to not only protect your luscious locks from the downpour, but also allows you to wear a cute beanie.


The Faux Fur ($160)

This ASOS coat is my favorite, mostly because along with everyone else this season, I’m thrilled about the faux fur. Tan is a great neutral color that allows you to put this jacket on with just about anything. Throw this jacket over a dress on your next date, or pair it with some leggings to class. And best of all, you are guaranteed warmth as the whole jacket is lined with shearling.


The Heavy Duty Jacket ($280)

If you are looking for a real parka that you can bring with you to the Alps this break but still want to wear it when sledding on the Hilltop, this Northface parka is the one. Although it is a little pricey (However, north face offers a 10% student discount!), this jacket will give you bang for your buck. Insulated, thick, and hooded, there is no way you will be cold wearing this option. Style-wise, this jacket isn’t overly padded and has a drawstring at the waist. You’ll be prepared to take on the Abominable Snowman, but you won’t look like him!


For the Gents


The Military Jacket ($168)

For the guys that want a classy jacket that works for all occasions, this wool-blend military jacket wins. Wear it with jeans, cords, or khakis and you’ll look like you’ve got life all figured out. With the hood, this jacket provides warmth, but still keeps your outfit on point. The military jacket is a go-to!

The 3-in-1 ($110)

This Northface jacket is an instant classic for the gentlemen looking for the one jacket that does it all. Behold, the Resolve jacket. Waterproof, mesh-lined, and seam-sealed, this jacket is the gift that keeps on giving. The sleek, clean look offers versatility but also originality. Not to mention it comes in 11 other colors! When you’re on your way to Yates, feel like a snowball fight, or must face torrential downpour, throw on this jacket and you’ll be ready for it all.

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