by Sydney Jean Gottfried

Ever since my first blowout at age 12, I’ve been trying to replicate the bouncy hairstyle myself. But alas, I can hardly use a hair dryer, and my round brush just isn’t grippy enough. So what’s a girl to do? Let the professionals do what they do best. Lucky for us, Georgetown students have two “blowout bars” nearby to choose from. For your convenience, (and my enjoyment) I got to review both!

Bar #1: Blowout Bar

Photo by Sydney Jean Gottfried 

Location: 2134
L Street NW in West End

What I got: Ultimate Blowout: included shampoo, scalp massage, and any blowout desired.

Price: $35

Time: I
waited 15 minutes past my appointment time and then my blowout took about
45 minutes.

Service: Good. The staff was friendly and I was offered champagne upon arriving.

Blowout lasted for:  1 day

 Quality of blowout: Good, but not great. My hair was smooth and wavy, but I had to twirl it around to get the curly look that I had asked for.

My visit to Blowout Bar was the first time I received a blowout at a blowout bar instead of a hair salon. When I arrived, the receptionist greeted me cheerily and offered me champagne. I waited about 15 minutes for my hair appointment to begin and felt like no one was rushing to get to me. When my appointment began, my hair was washed and my scalp was massaged. When I got to the styling chair, another stylist came over and gave me a shoulder massage. My stylist asked what I was looking for, to which I said, “Big loose curls, please.” She put some Moroccan Oil in my hair and began to blow dry it. She spent about 25 minutes carefully blow-drying my hair. When she was finished it looked nice and smooth, but wasn’t quite as curly as I had hoped.  It probably would have been a bit more like what I wanted if the stylist had spent time finishing off the look with a curling iron. Unfortunately, the stylist was too eager to get on to her next customer to spend time asking if my style was what I wanted. Overall, I was fairly satisfied with my blowout, but wished the service had been better.


(Disclaimer: in between blowouts I cut and colored my hair)


Bar #2: Drybar

Location: 1825
Wisconsin Avenue NW in Georgetown

What I got: The Cosmo: included shampoo and a blowout that was described as “lots of loose

Price: $40

Time:  I was seen as soon as I arrived and my appointment lasted about 40 minutes.

Service: Very good. The staff was very friendly and offered me non-alcoholic drinks when I walked in.

Blowout lasted for: 2 days

Quality of blowout: Great. I got exactly what I asked for & the stylist finished off every curl with a curling iron.

Photo by Sydney Jean Gottfried

When I arrived at Drybar, I was greeted by a friendly receptionist and asked if I would like water. Then I was immediately shown to my stylist and given a booklet of different blowouts to choose from. I chose one for my stylist and was taken to have my hair washed. My stylist washed my hair thoroughly, but did not massage my scalp. Then my stylist applied a Drybar product (that smelled AMAZING) to my hair and spent about 20 minutes blowing it out. She carefully curled each section again and again until it fell how I asked for it to. When she was done, she made sure each curl was finished off properly with a curling iron. Before she called it quits, she asked if this style was what I was looking for, to which I said yes. Overall, I was very happy with my blowout and felt it reflected just what I had asked for.


Who wins?

Drybar. Although I had enjoyable experiences at both blowout bars, I felt that Drybar put more time and effort into my hair. Blowout Bar was a prettier and probably more glamorous salon, but it was so overbooked that I felt my hair didn’t get the full appointment it deserved. However at Drybar, my appointment didn’t end until I was happy with my hair. I think it’s easier to get what you want at Drybar because you’re able to look through pictures of blowouts and show your stylist the one you want. At Blowout Bar, stylists must try to interpret what you ask for unless you bring a picture yourself. Champagne and scalp and shoulder massages offered by Blowout Bar should not be substitutes for personal attention and dedicated styling. Blowout Bar may be a touch less expensive than Drybar, but by the time you pay for a cab to get there, it will likely cost more than Drybar, which is just next to the Safeway in Georgetown. My experiences at both blowout bars were good, but my experience at Drybar was much better.




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