Sara Bastian

We all have that one piece in our wardrobe that we can always turn to. For me, this piece would be my dependable, western-inspired pair of brown, leather boots. These boots are the perfect staple, loved for their dependable versatility and timeless style. I bought them from Nordstrom’s before my homestay in France, where I wore them for the majority of the trip. Whether paired with a flirty dress or practical pants, these boots tie my outfit together for a polished look. From adventures along the Champs-Élysées to M street, my boots have seen and shared some of my favorite memories with me.


Esther Lee

My favorite piece for this season is a gray cocoon cardigan I bought from Anthropologie on M Street. This cardigan is the perfect level of cozy without being too stuffy, so all I need to wear over it is a lightweight puffer. It’s perfect for those days when I want to look put together but don’t want to sacrifice the comfort of black leggings. I throw on a loose white tee and the cardigan, and with a pair of knee-high boots, I’m out the door.

Ryley Gregorie

 My sister and I have always been ridiculously close, especially after living together this past summer in Los Angeles. When I moved out of her apartment in August, I forgot a few things. For months I’d been begging her to send them to me, and finally a package arrived last week. Tucked between my running shorts and favorite headband, I found a surprise awaiting me: a blue sweater with lettering across the front: “California misses me.” This sweater has quickly become a favorite of mine. It’s perfect for pairing with leggings and converse for casual class-wear or late night studying. Best of all, it reminds me of some of my favorite summer memories.


Caitlin Karna

 As a gift to myself for being so good this first semester, I bought the beautiful Kate Spade Maise Cedar Street handbag for Christmas. Never have I fallen so deeply in love with a handbag! Perfect for any occasion, this bag has followed me from Dallas to Georgetown and everywhere in between. A definite must-have.


Caroline Thomas

 I have an undying love for oxfords and men’s shoes, so when I found this pair of oxfords at Madewell a couple months ago, I fell in love. The price tag was a bit frightening, but one day on a whim I sprinted up Wisconsin and purchased them. There was only one pair left in my size, so it was meant to be. The leather is flexible, durable, and a gorgeous shade – classic Madewell. Paired with boyfriend jeans and patterned socks, they are an instant mood-booster.  


Gigi Grimes

My Free People varsity jacket never seems to stay in the closet for long. I’ve worn it so many times that it’s perfectly broken in to my shape, so it’s incredibly comfortable. I love pairing it with more feminine pieces to add a bit of a contrast and edge to my outfits. This jacket looks great with everything and is my go-to for cool fall and spring days.


Abigail Glasgow

I treasure what some believe to be a mere concert accessory and others a grandparent’s best friend. Why can’t everyone sport the playful and practical fanny pack? My fanny pack houses a plethora of items that I can easily access at any point. As I’ve become more attached, my collection has grown to include a range of styles, anywhere from spring casual to patriotic.


Julia Greenzaid

 My best friend Laura and I were DIYing with a hot glue gun, hair ties and daisy trim in our freshman dorm room. Little did we know, we would soon become designers of handmade Lo + Jo Bands—daisy hair ties, headbands, and chokers sold online across the country. Within hours, our simple Instagram post of colorful daisy hair ties turned into a handmade accessory business. Our proudest accomplishment?  When, a customer from Colorado (How did she even find us?) asked if she could pay us extra to overnight ship her a choker to wear to Coachella.


Claire Schansinger

This season, my favorite things in my closet are my new brown Michael Kors boots. Whether it be with jeans and a sweater or with tights and a dress, they can be worn with everything and I know that they won’t rip or start to look old and tattered. Definitely a better investment than a cheaper pair at DSW. Totally worth the extra cash!


Samuel Boyne

 I thought I would divulge some information on one of my most treasured shirts for this section. This shirt, in its simple cut and stitched symmetrical details, might seem like a shirt I might have picked out for its sophisticated and clean look. However, the history behind it is one that makes it all the more special to me. My father actually performed a wedding for a couple in Mexico while wearing this shirt (on a cliff overlooking the beach of the Pacific Ocean, mind you). Being the good son that I am, I snagged this shirt from my father’s closet.


Sydney Jean Gottfried

My favorite part of my dorm room is my decorative Kate Spade pillow that says “LIVE COLORFULLY.” My room is decorated from top to bottom in pink and turquoise…so I think it fits. I had a friend last semester who told me my style was “too much” for her. So I told her “Great, I’ll save being boring for when I’m dead.”

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