Sara Bastian – My New Year’s fashion resolution will be to invest in pieces outside of my comfort zone. I keep finding myself buying the same type of clothing, and I am excited to depart from a routine style and add some fresh, unique items.   

Esther Lee – My fashion resolution for 2015 is to shop online less and actually try on the clothes before buying them. I’ve realized after 18 years that because clothes will look good on a 6’1” model, they won’t necessarily look the same on me.

Ryley Gregorie – Invest in more winter dresses. First stop: Topshop!

Caitlin Karna – I resolve to be bold, adventurous, and daring in what I wear, what I do, and who I am.

Caroline Thomas – My fashion New Year’s resolution is to avoid buying another striped shirt; I think fourteen cotton striped tops is enough.

Gigi Grimes – I resolve to stop buying the same style clothing from different stores and start looking for unique items.

Abigail Glasgow – My goal this year is to only buy timeless pieces that I would never want to give away and avoid fleeting trends. I hate the “give away/hand me down” pile and am looking to eliminate it.

Julia Greenzaid – My wardrobe could surely use a face-lift, and I need to start buying actual clothes instead of falling victim to all of the nail polish and accessories by the Urban Outfitters checkout line. Marketing strategies need to stop getting the best of me…

Claire Schansinger – My New Years Resolution is to stop buying sale items at Urban Outfitters and save up for a full-priced dress or bag instead!

Samuel Boyne – For this bright and hopeful Year of the Sheep, I have resolved to acquire some jika-tabi (tabi boots- look them up) to spice up my wardrobe.

Bella Gerard – This year, my goal is to move past the black legging, onto more statement-making pants. I’m on the lookout for tapered joggers, printed trousers, and the perfect pair of boyfriend jeans.

Sydney Jean Gottfried – This year I’ll put the class in classic. I’ll always be a sucker for the latest Lily pattern, but now I’m learning to appreciate the beauty in timeless, simple items. I’d like to add more high-quality staples to my closet.

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