by: Abigail Glasgow

What do Chuck Taylors, high-waisted jeans, and the choker have in common? Their retro genius. Fashion’s cyclical nature has deemed them all cool again, and retro styles are more predominant than ever. Picture someone sporting the  “mom jean,” a messy ponytail and scrunchie, bright lipstick, and white converse – this look is no longer just a character’s wardrobe in Beverly Hills 90210, but once again the norm, now often combined with some edgier and modern accents, like rounded vintage frames and spunky patterns.


Photo by Allie Little Photo by Allie Little

According to Flossie McCall (COL’18), “fashion is an expression of yourself and who you are.” The retro trend is a chance to make oneself a statement, to become a walking canvas of expression from the past. “A breath of fresh air in the sea of pastels” (Carolyn Zaccaro, COL ’18), retro ignites a different facet of diversity here at Georgetown. It breaks the stereotype of homogenous students, and adds a bit of what one might call ‘nostalgic innovation.’


Photo by Allie Little Photo by Allie Little

One of the benefits of the retro look is that it is easily accessible. Whether it be a funky high-waisted something or other found in the depths of Buffalo Exchange, or a black statement choker in the checkout line at Urban Outfitters, retro finds are currently everywhere you look. D.C certainly has its advantages, as it allows us to incorporate metropolitan influences into our fashion exploration of the past and present.

Photo by Allie Little Photo by Allie Little

The allure of something new and simultaneously old has begun to reshape what student Flossie McCall deems the “rigid ideas of fashion,” and reveal our generation’s more rebellious and creative side. In expressing yourself by channeling the past via fashion, Carolyn Zaccaro believes we are renewing and “adopting certain theologies and ideologies of that past.” Retro is a symbol of passion that streams from previous generations. In borrowing images from the past (i.e. the 80s and 90s), fellow student Manny Mohammed sees “our generation becoming more connected through culture” (Emmanuel Mohammed, COL ’17).


It appears as though retro fashion is on some level a new form of education. Oftentimes, style and fashion are more than just pieces of clothing at face value; they have much more to offer. The retro flair enables one to simultaneously express oneself while embracing the past.

Photo by Allie Little Photo by Allie Little

Whether it is a fun pink scrunchie to keep your hair back while studying on Lau 2, or an old pair of white converses you throw on before heading to Leos, we encourage you to try something retro. Be a bit bold and embrace the past in the way that you explore expressing yourself . This way, you get to go about your day knowing you are a walking statement of yourself, the past, and their continuously intertwining cultures.

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