If you were led to our blog because you were curious as to what kind of relationship we had with 2 Chainz the rapper, I’m afraid you’ll be disappointed to find that we weren’t referring to the hip hop artist. Rather, this piece is dedicated to a recent jewelry trend among several Thirty Seventh staff members: the layering of two delicate gold necklaces over each other (THAT kind of 2 Chainz!). Check out what we have to say about this look—would you double up on your hardware?

Hayden (co-President): “The necklace with the rectangular charm is one I’ve had since I was a baby—it has my name etched on the back. My younger sister has an identical one (which she also layers with another gold necklace). I got the longer teardrop one as a birthday gift from my mom last year. As I was fumbling to unclasp the rectangular one I had on before trying on the teardrop necklace, my mom suggested that I just wear the new one over the other. I ended up loving how they looked together, and now I rarely take them off. I’m very picky with jewelry and prefer to keep my hardware simple, so I’m a fan of how understated the pairing looks.”

Esther (Editorial): “I ordered both of my necklaces from Etsy… I think that each one cost an upwards of $30. The chain lengths were customizable, so I made the shorter one 13 inches long and the longer one 17 inches. I had also ordered a medium-length one that was 15 inches long, but when I wore the three of them together they would always get tangled! I see fashion bloggers layering delicate necklaces all the time and I loved how subtle but pretty they looked. Because I’m not too big on jewelry, I like how it’s so easy to keep these two on at all times!”

Allison (Marketing): “I didn’t think these two would go together at first, but now I wear this pairing at all times! The shorter one is a replica of my grandmother’s necklace; it’s made of the diamonds from her wedding ring, and so it’s really special to me. My mom bought me the longer necklace from the M Street Michael Kors store the first time she visited me here at Georgetown. I’m looking for a longer third gold chain to add to this combination… I’m a huge jewelry person!”

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