5 Fashion Bloggers You Need in Your Feed

by Ryley Gregorie

Here at Thirty Seventh we admit we’re a bit addicted to Instagram. Not only is it a fun way to keep up with friends, but it can also be a great way to draw inspiration from people all over the world, particularly when it comes to fashion. To bring some style to your feed, we’ve compiled a short list of our favorite bloggers.  We guarantee these Instagramers are well worth jeopardizing your follower to following ratio.


Kendi Skeen is a fashion blogger and boutique owner based out of Dallas, Texas. Her Instagram documents styles from her boutique, West & Lou, precious Doxie-Pins, and personal everyday style. Her posts are ideal inspiration on how to be classy and professional while still having fun with your look.  


Based in Amsterdam, Negin Mirsalehi can be found documenting her style everywhere from New York Fashion Week to the streets of Milan. She even graces the occasional magazine cover! Negin’s fearless fashion sense encourages experimentation with edgier pieces, whether it is a fringed leather jacket or a leopard print coat.


In high school, Adam Gallagher was voted best dressed – a superlative that definitely still applies. At 23, he now travels the world in dapper suits and classic leather jackets that are consistently complimented by the perfect pair of shades. If you aspire for that suave, GQ look (or just enjoy admiring it) he’s the guy to follow.


Want to keep up with style evolution on the West Coast? Julie Sarinana is one of LA’s premiere fashion bloggers. Her casual chic look includes plenty of ripped jeans, denim jackets, and beanies in multiple colors. Perhaps most impressive is her ability to pull off sneakers with any outfit.


Despite being a southern gent at heart, Justin Livingston fits right in in New York, where he runs the blog Scout Sixteen. He’s currently proving that staying warm doesn’t mean compromising your style, and you can pick up plenty of pointers from his posts on layering, pulling off chunky knit scarves, and the best way to wear the classic black beanie.

While it’s fun to follow fashionistas from all over the country and even world, there are also plenty of Georgetown related fashion blogs showcasing style diversity among fellow hoyas. Carly Heitlinger (MSB ’12) started blogging as a freshman and is now best known by her blogging alias, the college prepster. Her well-known blog and accompanying instagram, @carly, document her New York lifestyle and preppy fashion choices. Following in Carly’s footsteps, Hannah Blinder (MSB ’17) recently launched her own fashion blog and instagram, @beautyandguilt. Through her account, Hannah showcases her diverse style choices while highlighting “Beauty and Guilt” items. Finally, to keep up with everyday trends here on Georgetown’s campus, be sure to follow hilltop voGUe’s instagram account: @hilltopvogue

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