“Bests” and “Worsts” of M St’s Forever 21

By Gigi Grimes

The college fashion gods have graced M Street with a big – correction: MASSIVE – beautiful new Forever21 store and I for one am obsessed. To find out if my fellow Hoyas share in my excitement, I took to campus to find out what students saw as the “best” and “worst” aspects of the new F21 setup. Read on and see if you agree with them!

Best: It’s Forever 21.

With Georgetown’s high-end shopping culture it can be difficult for students to find cute and affordable clothing. Luckily, Forever 21 provides just that. They’ve got you covered with everything from laying-on-your-couch clothes to that perfect internship interview outfit.

Worst: “No more than 6 items in the dressing room.” – Alex Weissman (SFS ’18)

With so many options, it can be hard to pick just a few to try on, making one of Forever 21’s biggest struggles their 6 items per dressing room policy. Trying on clothing can be more of a math problem than we’d like it to be.

Best: “The store is really large with lots of items to choose from.” –  Michelle Manning (Col 18)

Like we said, the new store is huge—spanning more than 20,000 square feet—allowing plenty of space for hundreds of clothing options fit for any style.

Worst: “The layout is really poor and it’s difficult to find the dressing rooms and certain types of clothing items.” – Marie Frolich (Col ’18) and Nicole Bettinger (NHS ’18)

Granted, with such a large store comes a large amount of issues. The store can be a bit overwhelming with a layout that doesn’t divide the clothes into sections of style or purpose very well. Also, the seemingly hidden location of the fitting rooms in the back corner makes the experience a bit more stressful.

Photo by Charlotte Jones Photo by Charlotte Jones


Best: The plus size section.

With many clothing lines selling “one-size fits all” items that don’t really fit everyone (we’re looking at you, Brandy Melville) Forever 21’s plus size section is the perfect place for those who are a little more curvaceous to amp up their style.

Worst: “The lack of selection in the men’s section.” – Louis Mulamula (MSB ’18)

While it’s awesome that Forever 21 is trying to accommodate a male clientele, this store doesn’t succeed. There’s a lack of variety and uniqueness in the men’s clothes that could be more present.

Photo by Charlotte Jones Photo by Charlotte Jones

Best: The variety of jewelry in the accessories section.

From statement necklaces to body chains, the store has virtually every style of jewelry, perfect for adding a bit of glam to any outfit.

Worst: “They don’t really have any cute bags or other accessories.” – Hannah Seibel (MSB ’18)

Aside from the killer jewelry section, the store is definitely lacking in other accessories. For handbags, there are a few on display in the shoe section, but they mostly offer canvas totes. The hats and headwear also offer minimal options, which is disappointing considering the size of the store.

Whether or not you experience some or all of these “bests” and “worsts”, you’re likely to leave the store with a bag full of trendy styles. Be sure to check in out on M street and stock up on some of spring’s hottest trends!

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