by Samuel Boyne

When one thinks of Coach, images of purses and shoes emblazoned with the signature “C” and sleek leather jackets come to mind. Over the years, Coach has become one of the leading companies in fashion offering accessible luxury accessories. Despite its significant focus on women’s accessories, Coach has maintained a presence in the men’s realm as well, mostly with classic leather bags and wallets. As an increasing amount of attention has been paid to men’s fashion as of late, Coach is expanding its array of men’s clothing, and with the recent Ready To Wear Fall 2015 Menswear collection released by Stuart Vevers, the Executive Creative Director of Coach, the evidence of this undertaking is clear.

Sure, Coach has offered bags, wallets, shoes, and even a few RTW items for men before, but this collection may be a clear indicator of what is to come in the future of Coach’s role in the men’s fashion industry. Amid the new Fall 2015 collection, a variety of dark shades and bold colors mix in with various textures and designs to create looks excellent in style and functionality. Whether your thing is leather jackets, warm sheepskin coats, or just really nice bags, Coach’s extension of options for men can be an excellent way to toughen your wardrobe in a sophisticated and refined manner. Prices for the new collection will most likely remain around the same margin at which they are now, but considering the high quality of Coach’s products, you might just find that one accessory you can save up for.

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In regards to how and where you can look into purchasing items from the new collection, Coach’s website will have them up as soon as they’re available for purchase. If you’re looking to try them on in person, the Coach store on M Street will be carrying a complete assortment of the Ready to Wear collection by the end of August 2015, just in time for fall and the new academic year. In the meantime, if you’re interested in what Coach has to offer, definitely check out the array of men’s items currently available at the store.


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