by Esther Lee

“Work hard, play hard” has become a common mantra for many Georgetown students trying to balance their academic and social lives. But with classes, homework, and other commitments constantly hanging over our heads, setting aside our mile-long to do lists in order to “play hard” is sometimes an impossible undertaking. But it seems that the Diplomatic Ball is one of the exceptional times during our busy spring semester when we do more than just take a break. The girls dress up and get ready for the ball, and the guys don their dapper tuxes.


Photo by Esther Lee
(left to right): James Lowell (University of Michigan ’18), Sarah Coniglio (SFS ’18), Danielle Zamalin (NHS ’18), and Nick Barile (Haverford College ’18). Photo by Esther Lee

Dani Zamalin, a freshman in the NHS, shares why she decided to come to Dip Ball: “These are friends from home actually, and while they’re visiting I thought it would be fun to go to Dip Ball, since it’s also a great excuse to dress up.” Sarah Coniglio, a freshman in the SFS, remarks, “Dani’s and my dress are both BCBG. I got my hair done at Aveda on Wisconsin, and a friend did Dani’s makeup.” James Lowell, a freshman at U Michigan proudly sports a tux by Ralph Lauren while his friend, Nick Barile, a freshman at Haverford competes in a Brooks Brothers equivalent.

Photo by Esther Lee
(left to right): Luke Gile (SFS ’18), Caitlin Garrabrant (SFS ’18), Warren Wynne (SFS ’18), and Lizzy Grannis (SFS ’18). Photo by Esther Lee. 

Caitlin Garrabrant, a freshman in the SFS, explains that she purchased her baby blue chiffon dress from Lulu’s, a brand we all know and love, while Lizzy Grannis, a freshman in the SFS, assembled her outfit through a little more mixing and matching. “This crop top was my mother’s in the 80s, but I got this skirt from Bloomingdale’s,” said Lizzy.

Dip Ball is not an occasion just for students. Professors, like International Relations Professor Matthew Kroenig, and diplomats joined in on the fun.

Photo by Esther Lee
(left to right): Arina Filatova, Shumilova Natalia Valeryeuna, and Maria Antonova. Photo by Esther Lee.

Arina Filatova, Shumilova Valeryeuna, and Maria Antonova, diplomats of the Russian Embassy, are only three of the many diplomats who decided to partake in the festivities.

When deciding on her ensemble for the ball, Filatova explains, “I went to Bloomingdale’s to find my dress. What I was looking for was something elegant, and I thought a black dress would be exactly that. For my hair, I went for an a retro 20s updo but a little more updated, and my makeup I did on my own too.”

Antonova describes her experience as well: “I also got my dress from Bloomingdale’s, because there was a sale I couldn’t pass up. My dress is from BCBG Maxazria, and I love it because violet is my favorite color. My earrings are Swarovski. I wear these every time I have a black tie event, since they go with everything.”

And accessories are key, as can be seen in Sara Roger’s (COL ’18) styling choices for the night:

Photo by Esther Lee
Sara Rogers (COL ’18). Photo by Esther Lee.

All attendees alike—from students throwing it back to high school senior prom to those renting dresses for the night, from esteemed professors to VIP guests—looked stunning and elegant at the SFS’ 90th Diplomatic Ball. It’ll be hard to top this one next year!

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