By: Julia Greenzaid

My best friend and I meet up for lunch at the GU farmer’s market on Red Square. After walking around and exploring the food stands, I realize I am more than just sophomore Justin Schuble’s best friend, I am @dcfoodporn’s intern….

Photo by Justin Schuble @DCfoodporn
Photo by Justin Schuble @DCfoodporn

12:06—Justin gets in line at Chaia taco stand. I follow. If Justin chooses to get food from the taco stand out of all 20+ food stands, it must be the one.

12:24— Justin gets his tacos for free. It may sound crazy, but he’s quite used to free food. Food companies and restaurants give Justin free food at least 3 times a week, in exchange for having their food posted on his Instagram. (Side note: Starbucks coffee delivered their new cold brew to Justin’s dorm room a couple days ago because he agreed to Instagram it!)

12:40—I notice Justin is on his phone altering the saturation of his taco photo. When did he even take this gorgeous food photo?! His unequivocal foodtography technique involves finding the right lighting and angle, focusing the image, and snapping one to two shots with his Samsung Galaxy (a smartphone whose camera he swears by after being unsatisfied with his previous iPhone 5’s camera)! I will never understand how he manages to get such perfect photos with just one or two tries!

12:52—A writer from American University’s student newspaper stops Justin to interview “AU’s most talked about food Instagram account owner” (@DCfoodporn has 27K followers—it grows in thousands every time I check!).

Photo by Julia Greenzaid
Photo by Julia Greenzaid


1:08— @DCfoodporn’s instagram shot of the taco has reached 800 likes in 32 minutes…(I guess I shouldn’t be surprised…his likes reach around 1,500-2,500 per photo)

Photo by Julia Greenzaid
Photo by Julia Greenzaid

1:15— Finally, it is time to eat tacos and nitrogen ice cream with my best friend!

1:17—Nope, we are stopped in our tracks by the owner of Pinstripes, who follows up with Justin about coming to the restaurant and bowling alley to photograph and instagram their food.

1:18—I space out for a second and reminisce on the times Justin has taken me on food adventures (restaurants email him daily asking him to come in and eat for free! When I am lucky, he takes me as his plus one).

1:30—We finally step away from @DCfoodporn fans and paparazzi. Life as @DCfoodporn’s best friend and intern isn’t so bad.

Be sure to meet Justin and @DCfoodporn fans Sunday at 1PM on the Leavey Esplanade for a food photography workshop and a chance to win free Sweetlife tickets, and a free Sweetgreen salad!

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