by Caitlin Karna

A time for relaxation and rejuvenation, summer should be about making time for you. It should move you. Yes, that means Netflix. Yes, that means sleep. But summer is also a great time to get in shape. Studies have shown that in addition to the obvious weight management benefit, exercise also combats diseases, improves your mood, energizes you, and allows you a better night’s sleep. Now that we’re free from the Georgetown juggling act, we can turn our focus from breaking open the textbooks to breaking into a sweet, sweet sweat.


Not only a physical experience, yoga aims to target your mind, body, and spirit in peace. Originating in India, yoga’s original purpose was to find moksha, or liberation. Today, there are various practices to help you find some freedom, while also exercising your muscles. Yoga centers and companies are wildly popular and can be found anywhere, often offering free weeklong passes.“Hot yoga for a beginner was a great choice. As someone who hasn’t done yoga before, the heat really helped my muscles stretch out more than I thought they could. Plus the health benefits of sweating that much include increasing your metabolism, sweating out toxins, and pushing your strength to the max.” – Nada Eldaief (SFS ’18)

Try: CorePower Yoga (locations nationwide, one in Georgetown)

Wear: In The Flow Crop II $78 Lululemon leggings. So many colors and cropped for summer!

Train for a race

D.C. is one of the fittest cities in the country and hosts so many races all year. Training for a 5K, half-marathon, or even marathon can be a lot to handle during the school year, but a perfect task to cure boredom in the summer. Whether you choose a race in your hometown or in D.C., working towards a goal is incredibly fulfilling, and your body will thank you. “I decided to train for a half-marathon because after a year of meeting deadlines for classes and clubs, it was fun to set a more physical goal. It’s definitely challenged me but it’s also made me feel accomplished and it’s actually a lot of fun!” – Caitlin Mahoney (NHS ’18)

Try: The Color Run DC A fun 5K to run or walk, and great to do with friends!

Wear: Nike 2-In-1 Shorts $60 Perfect for those long distance runs in the heat.


Barre classes are a trendy new workout that derives from ballet. Similar to yoga and Pilates, in a barre class, you’ll follow small range of motion movements that focus on strength training. You’ll be sculpting muscles in no time. “I like barre because it works your muscles a ton but in a way that doesn’t put additional stress on your joints and lungs. Personally, I like that it mixes yoga and strength training with cardio, creating a workout that’s more about focusing on your individual strength rather than on being fast or on moving slowly. It changes throughout the class, meaning that you don’t get bored and that is pretty much what sealed it for me.” – Clare O’Connor (SFS ’18)

Try: Pure Barre (locations nationwide, one in DuPont Circle)

Wear: Barre Sticky Socks $12 A must-have for barre workouts to create traction and promote circulation.

Spin Class

While all exercise classes are great ways to get your heart pumping, spin class, or indoor cycling, is all the rage. Generally offered at any gym, cycling classes usually match the beat of the music, and you’ll pretend you are biking up and down mountains with a combination of speed and resistance. Some classes add an element of strength and weight training at the end, for a full body workout experience. “SoulCycle is one of the few workouts that you can adapt to your mood that day. Sometimes I push it really hard and it’s hell, sometimes it’s relaxing, and sometimes it’s just a fun dance party.” – Mariel Frank (COL ’18)

Try: SoulCycle (limited locations nationwide, one in West End M St, DC)

Wear: Unisex Wheel Piping Tank $48 Cycling isn’t just for women!

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