Dearest Readers,

We hope that you all had an incredible summer! Whether you worked hard at an internship or travelled overseas, the past few months have probably been marked by change, a period of transitioning out of the schoolwork grind and adjusting to a new and different lifestyle.

After months of careful discussion and consideration, we decided that it is time that our blog too underwent a change. Previously hilltop voGUe, our blog has adopted a new name – Thirty Seventh.

For the past year, hilltop voGUe received much love and support as we got our foot off the ground and officially became a campus organization. Thanks to the hard work and dedication of our staff, our blog grew a lot since its launch last October. However, we became increasingly aware of the shortcomings of our blog’s name. Many misread our logo as “GU Vogue,” and various friends and advisors expressed concern about how the word “vogue” overlapped with the globally recognized magazine and could even be perceived as elitist and off-putting by readers.

And so we bid farewell to the name hilltop voGUe and transitioned to Thirty Seventh in order to move away from the issues that distracted readers from our blog’s identity and to strengthen our branding. We aim for our content to mature along with our shift to a sleek new name, and hope that you, our readers, would support us as our blog grows.

Thirty Seventh & Co.

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Georgetown's premier fashion and lifestyle blog.

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