By: Bella Gerard and Julia Greenzaid

Photos by: Bella Gerard

Housing selection was a stressful time for all, but most of us know the only thing more difficult than selecting a dorm room is decorating it. Personalization is everything when it comes to making your home-away-from-home feel cozy, so why not go the extra mile to achieve dorm decor perfection?

On a shopping trip at the Jersey shore, your favorite duo (i.e. Jojo and Bella) were checking out some local boutiques when we saw it: one of the newer and trendier stores had stepped up their decor game big-time, a la the shop’s name spelled out in massive letters made entirely of faux flowers. Impractical? Perhaps. But we were enamored, and – after we shopped around – we quickly snapped a photo for inspiration and went to replicate their amazing DIY.

The Original Inspiration:

Image via

Our Interpretation:



Pro Tip: For a totally different look, these initials would look adorable with photographs glued on as well! Collage an entire letter with photos of your favorite Georgetown moments, or incorporate a few photos into the mix amongst the floral embellishments.


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