Article and photos by: Mollie Coyle

The Vintage Vagabond Wardrobe House is always a bit overwhelming at first glance, especially during the Friday evening preview of their 2015 Fall Collection.  The exclusive vintage store, open for only a few select hours each weekend, is hidden on the third floor of 1833 14th Street.  The small rooms are crowded with a group of shoppers as eclectic as the racks of clothes lining the walls.  The combined collections from Gypsy de la Lune, Speak Vintage, and Los Gitanos Vintage are organized by both style and color, making the front room a riot of orange, black, and earthy brown, the classic tones of autumn.  At this event, Christian Dior and Yves Saint Laurent aren’t expected to be revolutionary; the thick furs and warm colors dating as far back as the 1950s are absolutely timeless.  Casandra, one of the creators and fashion artists behind the Wardrobe House, mingles with customers and friends while adjusting a black felt cap atop the voluminous indigo curls of the event’s informal model.  Her edgy hairstyle contrasts wonderfully with the 50’s hat and a formfitting 90’s dress, exemplifying the mixed-era look that is the store’s specialty.  Retro though the pieces may be, their fall preview is distinctively 21st century.

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