By: Bella Gerard

All photos courtesy of Country Club Prep

Never shopped at Country Club Prep? Granted, at first glance the name can be a bit intimidating, but trust us, this site has far more than frat tanks and salmon shorts (but hey, if that’s what floats your boat, they have those, too!). Country Club Prep is a college student’s online goldmine, with shoes, clothes, accessories, and even a few home goods from major brands like Sperry, Barbour, Southern Proper, Vineyard Vines…need we go on?

As one of Georgetown’s Country Club Prep brand ambassadors, I have a special coupon code specifically for Hoyas to get 20% off of almost anything they purchase. Because the code is private, I can’t post it on the blog, so shoot me an email at and request the code to shop these great brands with a major discount! [For the record, no, your eyes do not deceive you. My netID has no numbers. #Blessed]

Since there are tons of brands and products on the site, it can take a while to navigate, so I thought I’d make prepping for autumn a little easier by guiding you towards the top new products on the site this fall:

  1. Sperry Duck Boots


L.L. Bean put this style of boot on the map (Remember?), and now Sperry has upgraded it to include a variety of styles. Whether you prefer chocolate-y leather, quilted nylon, or a fun pattern, these boots are essential for a rainy or snowy trek across campus to class.

2. Barbour Jackets


You’ve these beauties sold on M Street, and despite the hefty price tag – and the fact that every other guy and girl on line at Uncommon Grounds is also wearing one – you can’t help but want one for yourself. Splurge on any jacket and reap the benefits: these high-quality coats will last you long after your four years here are through.

3. Greek Attire


Congratulations, you rushed and you made it! Since Georgetown doesn’t recognize the growing myriad of fraternities and sororities on campus, you won’t find anything boasting your letters at the Leavey Bookstore. CCP has an entire section of the site devoted to Greek apparel and accessories – go crazy!

4. Yates Essentials


Just because fall weather means jeans and leggings galore, doesn’t mean you won’t need a few pairs of shorts to sweat it out in at Yates. The site has a few brands that boast performance attire, but our faves are the fun shorts for guys and girls from Krass &. Co!

Happy shopping, Hoyas!

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