By: Abigail Glasgow

After this weekend, Landmark Music Festival definitely has me hooked as a regular attendee in the future. Landmark’s initiative focuses on maintaining and preserving what the website calls “America’s Front Yard”, aka our beautiful National mall. Throughout the festival, I noticed many nuances pointing to the value of the monuments, whether it be a name for one of the stages or a mini tent showcasing the National Mall’s historical background.  These intimate and creative additions to the festival made it that much more unique and special to me, as a D.C. resident and Georgetown Student.


Not only did Landmark’s campaign succeed, but the Festival also served as an artistic combination of music, food, and fashion. For mass appeal purposes, Drake was the biggest artist featured, and brought in an audience that covered an enormous area of West Potomac Park.  While I will always be into playing Hotline Bling on repeat, I greatly appreciated the variety of artists that were both “famous” and perhaps less known. The Landmark provided an opportunity for attendees to explore new musical passions, including a New Orleans’ jazz twist with Rebirth Brass Band, and an indie rock heaven with The Lone Bellow. Other featured artists included Nate Ruess from the group Fun!, The War on Drugs, Ben Howard, alt-J, and the Strokes. As you can see in regards to interest, the eclectic blend of artists made for a well-rounded and all-inclusive festival.


As for food, the entirety of West Potomac Park had stands promoting numerous D.C. eateries. Landmark thrived in creating the food/beer/music culture that is typical of any music festival. Within this festival culture lies the fashion trends that we all admire, combining retro, bohemian, and grunge looks on all spectrums. Crowds were accented with flower crowns, round-framed glasses, and ripped jeans, while bright lipstick and dirtied converse became the norm as the weekend continued.

Regardless of the artists’ style, every spectator took the Landmark Festival as an opportunity for expression in such an admirable fashion (no pun intended).

The Landmark Music Festival established a new tradition here in D.C. that promoted sustainability and preservation, and simultaneously generated a colorfully trendy ambiance. I’m staying tuned for next years line up, and am looking forward to whomever they might bring to upstage THE Drake.

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