By: Adele Marchant

A long time ago, I too was a beauty novice. I grabbed the first mascara or face wash in the drugstore aisle at random and hoped for the best. I owned a handful of eye shadow I barely knew how to use, and I certainly couldn’t apply them with brushes. My hair, fried at the ends, had never seen the spray of a heat protectant or the nourishment of hair oil.

Fortunately for me (and as I pass my knowledge on, for you) I found in the depths of the Internet a library of life-changing knowledge: the Youtube beauty community. From Halloween makeup tutorials to how to apply winged eyeliner, there’s a video for everything. I have scoured hours and hours of video footage from over a hundred vloggers, and these are in my opinion the best of the best.

Check out my picks to see which gurus made the cut:

If you want to learn about makeup application

Lauren Curtis

As the most watched beauty vlogger in Australia, Curtis’s bubbly personality makes her videos an easy watch. She is known for tackling the everyday basics, like how to do the perfect messy bun and how to cover up blemishes. Lauren’s toned-down and conversational tone is a friendly way to help you look glow-y and awake in time for your 9am.

If you want to learn about hair

Luxy Hair

I am telling you, these girls can do anything. With almost 300 million views, the women behind this channel make tutorials for every hairstyle and hair type imaginable. I have learned everything from ways to style your hair without heat to how to make a ponytail appear longer and fuller. Just think about how awesome your Instagrams will look when your hair is this on point.

If you want recs and reviews…


As college students, we all can appreciate inexpensive makeup. Tati is a pro at recommending not only amazing products, but also equally as amazing dupes, or cheaper versions. She spends her money trying all the products so us college students don’t have to, which is why she’s the real MVP. Thinking about trying that new awesome foundation? I would check with Tati first.

If you want to learn about fashion

Tess Christine

You know how you’re totally lusting over that outfit Kendall Jenner wore that one time doing that really normal thing that somehow was photographed and went viral on every fashion blog ever? Yeah, me too. Tess Christine specializes in recreating the most coveted looks from popular celebrities like Gigi Hadid, Selena Gomez, Shay Mitchell, and Vanessa Hudgens. She also posts weekly OOTDs, reminding us that our leggings and t-shirts aren’t actually as stylish as we thought.

I hope these women can be a help to those struggling to find their path, whether that be to a fishtail braid, a 90s lip for fall, or even a new face wash. Happy watching!!

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