By: Karen Me

Photos by: Christine Zhang

A Google search of “women’s haircuts” renders a disappointing result and limiting range of simple bobs, layers, and face framing.  The short compilation of options indicates that a pair of scissors can only do so much.  So how about a razor or a pair of clippers instead?

First reactions to this suggestion often do not extend much further beyond an emphatic no, perplexed expression, or an excuse to delay such seemingly drastic shearing.  But regardless of how drastic you may think shaving your hair is, what exactly is stopping you?

While briefly vacationing in Copenhagen this summer, I was taken aback by the significant presence and casual acceptance of side shaves and undercuts on female-bodied people.  This European fashion hub most definitely embraced the fluidity of shaved haircuts and styles, a trend that has not quite hit here yet outside of the small circles of punk subcultures.

With a shaved head myself, I returned to the Hilltop this year with a determination to shed more light on this type of haircut.  While to some this haircut may translate as merely a fashion trend, to me, it more importantly and necessarily defies the exclusivity of feminine beauty standards.  Any reasoning for not accepting a female-bodied person’s choice to shave their head is simply fallacious and reflective of a conforming society.  Designating haircuts and styles for men and women should be seen as absurd when considered in the context of the biological purpose of hair (to protect your head).  The socially constructed and falsified idea of short, shaved hair for men and long hair for women only perpetuates gender binaries and excludes people not in the mainstream, all in the name of a specific standard of beauty.  

I found people at Georgetown with similar perspectives pertaining to this topic.  Here are some ways your fellow Hoyas rock the fluidity of shaved haircuts with their own personal style.

1. The Side Shave

Pam Escalante, SFS ’17

A number 2 on the razor yields a refreshing juxtaposition between each side.

Maggie Hoberg, SFS ’19

A side shave only serves to enhance other styles such as the French braid.

Citlalli Velasquez, COL ’17

Even after growing out a shave, the asymmetrical aesthetic remains striking.

2. The Double-Edged Sidecut

Eleni Katzilieri, COL ’19

An artistic extension of the hairline lends a sleek look, and can be easily covered as well.

3. The Bangin’ Bowlcut

Samuel Boyne, SFS ’18

A fashionable and blonde display of 360° symmetry.

4. The All Around

Karen Me, COL ’18

A side and undercut all around adds a twist to the half up bun and ponytail.

If we wish to utilize hair as a channel of self expression, we ought to welcome the diversity of expressions people have by normalizing the true fluidity of hairstyles.  Otherwise, the constriction of expression is not true expression.  And if you’re still not on board, don’t worry, your hair will grow back.

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