By: Sean Davey

Photos by: Isabel Lord

For those who have been awaiting the chance to dig up their flannels, overalls, and shredded jeans from the depths of their closets, we have exciting news for you. At last, grunge is back. After a summer dedicated to boho-meets-music-festival chic, the sun has seemingly disappeared from the sky, and sweater weather is about to take over. Our advice: sidestep the customary autumnal brown and orange hues this season, and dive straight into your most dressed-down, minimalist looks. It’s time to flaunt your status as a true ’90s baby.


On the runways this season, everyone from the usual suspects Helmut Lang and Alexander Wang, to the wildcards Marc Jacobs and Victoria Beckham, has been showcasing slouchy silhouettes, slashed leathers, and above all, flannel. Gone are the days of overtly heedless, garish grunge ensembles, as the latest trend is in favor of a more refined, sophisticated style that wouldn’t look out of place above downtown. Feel free to trade in your faded Converse for the monochromatic Adidas popularized by Kendall Jenner and Gigi Hadid, and go from there with a patterned knee length shirt or better yet, a floral dress over a black turtleneck. This element of layering can be key to pulling off a grunge look, and it allows for old pieces to be recycled in an entirely fresh way. Finish off the look with the accessory of the season: the choker. To be fair, the choker trend actually started gaining traction over the past six months, but with the full grunge aesthetic back in style, there has never been a better time to roll with this accessory.



Retaining a clean, linear silhouette while spotlighting zany sartorial choices is your best bet to accomplishing a successful grunge look. This applies for both men and women – embrace the clash, but steer clear of overwhelming the look with too many accessories or quirky grooming choices.  Incorporate fabrics of every texture and finish –  chiffon, lurex, cashmere, plissé and whatever else you find on the racks for an altogether abrupt, edgy, and chic ensemble. A formula of glaring patterns, unconventional fabrics, and the inclusion of no more than one oversized piece (i.e. don’t go overboard on bagginess) proves that in the case of grunge style, there is a method to the madness.

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