By: Jojo Greenzaid

Photos by: Bella Gerard

The Mr. Georgetown pageant may be over, but Walter Kelly’s reign has just begun. We caught up with him outside Healy Hall to play a quick round of 20 Questions – check out his replies below.

  1. School/Major/Minor?

I’m in the College, I’m a Senior, Class of 2016, majoring in English and minoring in Film and Media Studies.

  1. Where are you from?

South Jersey, this town called Linwood. It’s a small working class town, about 10-15 minutes away from Atlantic City.

  1. Corp coffee or Starbucks?

Neither -Saxby’s! My drink of choice is a medium iced coffee with extra caramel.

  1. Favorite dorm on campus?

I really liked my sophomore
experience in Reynolds. I lived on the Culture and Performance Floor; it was a group of some of the smartest, artsiest people, which is my cup of tea. I also had a double to myself – I call it a dingle.

  1. Sweet Green or Chipotle?

Chipotle all the way.

  1. Tell us about when you got your Georgetown acceptance.

I was actually a transfer student! I used to go to Catholic University. I realized it wasn’t the best fit for me, but I wanted to stay in D.C. My roommate’s best friend went to Georgetown, and  I looked around and fell in love with the school. I knew I had to go here.

  1. What groups are you involved with on campus?

I am heavily involved with the BSA. In the past, I made their logo and I hosted their end of the year gala, The Visions Ball, which was a lot of fun. I’m also involved in the Black Theater Ensemble; I’m the associate producer. I am also a resident at the Black House, where we host dialogues and social events. We cater to the students of color community but everyone is invited to come down.


  1. Best advice you’ve received at Georgetown?

To work hard and be nice to everyone. It’s helped me so far.

  1. Otto Porter, Dikembe Mutombo, or Trey Mourning?

When I was a kid I knew Mutombo… He was a tall giant on the court and I was the shortest kid in the class, so I always wanted to be as big as Mutombo.

  1. Favorite season?

I love the fall – Sweater weather is where it’s at.

  1. Georgetown Cupcake or Baked & Wired?

Baked and Wired, HANDS DOWN! Baked and Wired just gets me.


  1. Tell us something people might not know about you.

…I’m addicted to Chapstick. If I don’t have Chapstick in my pocket I’m a different person.

  1. Do you have a “Mrs. Georgetown”?


  1. HFSC or LAU2?

Lau 2’s Wi-Fi is disrespectful, so I’m going to have to go with the Healy Family Student Center.

  1. Favorite Georgetown professor?

Some hearts will be broken after this answer. To name a few, I would say Christine So, Father Kemp, Derek Goldman, and Maya Roth.

  1. What’s your plan for post-Georgetown life look like?

That’s a good question. I don’t think the office life is for me – I can’t be trapped at a desk nine to five – so I definitely have to do something creative with my life. There’s this social justice side of me and this artsy, filmmaking side of me, so I am still figuring out an intersection between the two. I think it might be documentary and filmmaking. So I am trying to find the cross-section between all of those things – and I think I’m close.


  1. What’s your typical Wiseys Order?

It was a Burger Madness, no bacon. But once, I forgot that it came with bacon, and I was starving when I ordered it, so I ate it anyway. So now I get it with bacon.

  1. Favorite secret spot on campus?

There is this secret alleyway between 33rd and Potomac and between N St. and O St. I love walking down it because no one knows about it; you can just be yourself and be with your own thoughts. I definitely practiced my spoken word poem for Mr. Georgetown in that alleyway.

  1. Sunrise at the monuments or sunset at the waterfront?

Sunrise with a side of mimosas (I’m 21, don’t worry).

  1. Best part about being Mr. Georgetown:

I feel a lot closer to being Mr. BSA than I do being Mr. Georgetown. I really did it for the members of the BSA, and they were definitely there to support me and I was there representing them. It was definitely a team effort. Now, they feel like they’re winning because of my win, and I feel like they’re winning because of my win: a mutual appreciation. Also, people come up to me and say hi because they now recognize me, so it also gives me a good excuse to talk to students I don’t already know.


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