By: Julia Greenzaid

Photos by: Justin Schuble

Let’s be real for a minute – Lau provides a studious environment, and Midnight Mug is a great option for homework-induced munchies, but what if there was another option for the perfect spot to study and snack?

According to #DCFoodPorn, AKA Justin Schuble (MSB ’17), there are plenty.

When it comes to recommendations, we trust foodie Schuble to provide us with the best – and so do his 55.7k Instagram followers (Ahem, #KillingIt). Justin gave us the lowdown on what his top five places to study and indulge, and our mouths are watering just thinking about them. Check them out for yourself and see which spot suits your study/snacking needs.

  1. Dolcezza

JustinSchuble1_Dolcezza Where To Go: 1560 Wisconsin Ave NW, Washington, DC

(There are also locations in Bethesda and Dupont!)

Come Here For: A myriad of gelato flavors guaranteed to cure cravings quickly and get you back into study-mode.

  1. Baked & Wired


Where To Go: 1052 Thomas Jefferson St NW, Washington, DC

Come Here For: The most bang for your buck when it comes to cupcakes and sweet treats – and not too far a walk from Lau.

  1. Le Pain Quotidian


Where To Go: 2815 M St NW, Washington, DC

(There are also locations in Dupont and Union Station!)

Come Here For: Everything from tasty tartines to a full lunch menu – known for their fantastic breads.

  1. Filter Coffeehouse


Where To Go: 1916 I St NW, Washington, DC

Come Here For: The perfect study environment, complete with espresso bar and baked goods.

  1. Glen’s Garden Market

JustinSchuble5_GlensGardenWhere To Go: 2001 S St NW, Washington, DC

Come Here For: Tons of tables to spread out and work – not to mention some amazing pizza as your brain food.

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