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I was scrolling through Twitter when the headline caught my eye: “Cupcake Decorating Workshop featuring Georgetown Cupcake Owners.” As a Georgetown Cupcake fanatic, I had to see what this was about – decorating cupcakes with Katherine and Sophie? YES!

Considering I visit the M Street location bi-weekly with my roommate, Alana Kurtti, this was an opportunity we were not about to miss. I RSVP’d for the event immediately, and that Tuesday night, Alana and I met after class and walked down to the Rent the Runway storefront on M Street, where the event was to be held.

Here’s the play-by-play of how the night went down:

6:25 – We get to the front of the line to claim our tickets, register, and walk downstairs to the show room. (We are so giddy as we bounce down the stairs that we don’t even notice Katherine and Sophie mingling right in front of us!) Guided into the store, we begin looking around at the amazing dresses and jewelry that Rent the Runway has to offer.

6:35 – We’re gifted with mini cupcakes adorned with Rent the Runway fondant decals – of course we have to taste the tiny treats! Alana picks a chocolate cupcake with cream cheese frosting, and I stick to classic red velvet. Both are delicious, as usual!


6:50 – The women of Rent the Runway lead everyone to the bottom entrance of the store… it’s finally time to learn from the best in the business! Alana and I are beyond excited – we get a few stares for the amount of Snapchats we take. But who could blame us? The women who started our favorite bakery -who personify our life #goals on the daily – are just 10 feet in front of us!

7:00 – The sisters give a little talk about their “Field Notes” – how it all started, how they quit their jobs in finance and fashion, took out their life savings, and built their world-famous cupcake shop from the ground up. Opening up a bakery had been their dream since they were little, and they were willing to risk everything to make it happen. Their presentation is inspiring; I love hearing firsthand from two successful business women how they were able to create such a unique brand. Their most important tips? Hard work, determination, obsession with perfection in even the smallest of details, and – most importantly – a love of cupcakes! 

7:30 – The sisters are done with the Q&A session, and the guests are ready to decorate. Alana and I squeeze our way through the crowd of people to one of the decorating tables, where we wait for our chance.

Processed with VSCOcam with c2 preset
Processed with VSCOcam with c2 preset

7:32 – We turn around, bumping right into Katherine! Of course, we fan-girl and ask for a picture. She is so nice, and takes one with each of us before sending us off to decorate while she autographs books. 

7:36 – Finally, our turn at the decorating table. We cannot stop giggling as we grab a box of cupcakes and some frosting bags. I open up my petite pink box to see two cupcakes, one chocolate and one vanilla. I have to decide how I am going to craft them, armed with every color frosting and decoration imaginable.

7:42 – Katherine visits our table to show us how it’s done, and compliments my frosting abilities – I have never been so proud. 

7:50 – After frosting our cupcakes with multiple colors, placing fondant flowers and hearts, and adding some signature rainbow sprinkles, Alana and I are finished decorating. We seal our boxes with Georgetown Cupcake stickers and begin to head out. 

Processed with VSCOcam with c1 preset

7:52 – On our way out of the store, one of the associates stops us and asks to take our picture (Probably because we can’t stop smiling). Of course! We pop open our cupcake boxes to show off our creations. The lady snaps a few pictures, gets our names, and then offers to let us try out the Rent the Runway selfie mirror – we can’t resist.

8:00 – After our little photoshoot, we are finally ready to leave. We carefully grab our ubiquitous pink boxes and head out of Rent the Runway.

8:02 – On our way back to Nevils, we can’t resist stopping at none other than… Georgetown Cupcake! We pop into the store, grab some extra cupcakes for our roommates, and finally make our way home to show off – and eat! – our masterpieces.

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