By Tori Nagudi

Photos by: Serena Pu

Has the cold been crashing your party lately on your nights out? As temperatures drop, your summer go-tos just don’t do the job on their own anymore. Autumn is now in full swing, and sometimes the chill has no chill – but this doesn’t mean you have to choose between being warm and looking hot. Find out how to reinvent your wardrobe for weather-appropriate autumn looks guaranteed to spice up any night out, whether you’re headed to a dance club, a small get-together, or a rager at Brown House. Read on for ways to layer up and be comfortable when the sun goes down, without sacrificing style or sexiness. 

For the Girls

Black Out

All-black ensembles are synonymous with sexy, and leather jackets are trending for fall. Pair the two for an edgy look that’ll make a statement and keep all eyes on you. Accentuate the look with chunky heeled boots to make your legs look miles long and benefit from the confidence boost that comes with a bit of extra height. From a makeup standpoint, pair this look with a smoky eye or a bold lip (we recommend red or dark plum.) This fierce look works for any girl, regardless of skin tone or body type, and will instantly make you feel like an alpha chick.

Mix It Up // Try replacing black denim with a black leather skirt and sheer black tights for another approach. If you’re an accessories fanatic, adding a statement necklace should do the trick.

SerenaPu_Out During Fall2

Fall Haul

This look incorporates your classic autumn pieces by taking them from day to night. When it’s too chilly for skirts or dresses, darker colored jeans in shades like maroon, plum, or olive are guaranteed to set you apart from the crowd. Pair denim with sleek sleeveless tops and trendy jackets – we love a cream-colored leather or a bomber bomber shape, to pique interest while keeping comfy. Layering allows you to remove pieces if things get stuffy indoors, but keeps you warm enough for standing outside on a patio or porch. When it comes to fotwear, your lace-up combat boots aren’t just for casual days in class! Matching them to your jacket will make for a cohesive look that shows that you’re stylish, but not too try-hard. Another bonus – they’ll keep your feet pain-free all night!

Mix It Up // If you opt for a high-waisted pair of jeans, top the look off with a crop top and a soft cardigan.

Pro Tip // Known to rock a statement lip? Match the color of your pout to a pair of plum or maroon jeans!

SerenaPu_Out During Fall4

Crop Queen

Sometimes, the temptation to not give up our crop tops is just too strong to resist. Thankfully, there are ways to make them work. Find a comfy jean jacket and layer it over a patterned or bright crop that’s guaranteed to stand out underneath. Throw on a loose skater skirt for a feminine and flirty outfit that doesn’t feel too restrictive. Boots will keep your toasty should you opt for bare legs, but throwing on tights is a solid move too.

Mix It Up // Swap out the skirt for harem pants if you’re seeking a relaxed boho vibe, or throw on a floppy hat to add some personality and complete the look.

Pro Tip // If you want to show off your favorite crop top without a cold midriff, wear a cardigan instead of a jean jacket so you can tie it around your waist – It’ll keep your tummy warm while looking like an intentional fashion statement.

For the Guys

The Dark Side

Accompanying dark colors with upscale accessories, such as a gold watch or sharp black leather shoes, is a great way to dominate the party scene and ooze finesse. Step out wearing a dark button-down shirt underneath a black sweater, which you can always remove once you enter the party. Roll up the sleeves and make sure the collar pops out enough to be visible. You can even roll the bottoms of your jeans for an added trendy touch. This look will guarantee your role as the guy calling the shots – and taking them.

Mix It Up // Throw a leather jacket over this if temperature permits – it’ll look so good, you’ll be sad to take it off when you finally get inside.

Pro Tip // Finding the perfect balance between rugged masculine and classic appeal is the perfect recipe for a successful going-out look.

SerenaPu_Out During Fall1

Cold Unforetold

The ultimate combination for battling cold weather has been found, tested, and fashionista-approved: grab a beanie, a thick knit cardigan or sweater, a plaid scarf, and some leather boots. Simply layer them over your normal jeans and t-shirt look and it becomes instantly more put-together. You’ll be warmer than all your friends and look like you made major effort. Once you enter the party, feel free to remove whichever layers you’d like to achieve a more chill and low-maintenance look.

Mix It Up // Toss in your most-loved accessories – like your favorite bright socks or your go-to leather belt – to personalize the look and stand out from the rest.

Pro Tip // Rotate which of these items you choose to leave on when you get to the party, and find yourself with a brand new outfit every weekend. Beanie + Sweater works just as well as T-shirt + Scarf, and creates two totally different vibes.

SerenaPu_Out During Fall3

Coat Coalition

Real talk: Everyone has That Coat. You know…THAT Coat. Whether it be the one you bought and haven’t gotten the chance to wear yet, or have owned, worn, and secretly loved for ages. It’s okay to admit that there’s a clothing item you love –trust us, you won’t lose your man card. Rather than layer on sweaters to stay warm, rock That Coat as the focal point of your look. (If you don’t have “that coat”, we recommend driving to the nearest store of your choice and finding a coat to suit you.) Now is the time. Rock That Coat. OWN That Coat. The rest of the outfit doesn’t even matter.

Mix It Up // Feel free to have multiple versions of That Coat – your style is constantly changing, so there’s nothing wrong with having a leather jacket, a sleek zip-up, or a cozy bomber on hand as options.

Pro Tip // Slip a foldable umbrella and a water bottle in this coat if you’re going clubbing or bar hopping, and leave it at the coat check for convenience. D.C.  wouldn’t be the same without random torrential downpours, and it never hurts to be prepared. Plus, you won’t have to wait until you get back to Georgetown to quench your 3 a.m. thirst.

SerenaPu_Out During Fall5

Be sure to keep these tips in mind when you’re prepping to go out this coming Friday. These looks are cold hard proof that no Hoya needs to shiver as you scurry to the nearest source of indoor heating…you just have to know how to game the system!

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