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Question: What could be better than an all-natural skincare company run by a mega-inspiring mother daughter duo?  Answer: The fact that the mother, Christy Prunier, is a Georgetown grad.

When Thirty Seventh first heard about willa, a skincare and beauty line with a major mission, we were beyond impressed with how the company got its start. When Christy was diagnosed with skin cancer as a young mom, she realized her product regime lacked some much-needed sun protection – and when she couldn’t find the all-natural formulas she was hoping for, she decided to create her own. With her daughter, Willa, as co-founder, she launched the willa line with the promise of including “high standards and healthy ingredients” into their recipe for happy skin.

We’ve all been to the massive Sephora on M Street, and you’ve likely taken a peek at the endless shelves stocked with skincare – so what makes this brand any different? Quite a lot. Made in America and never tested on animals, willa products stand out as free of sulfates, DEA, phthalates. Irritant-free and dermatologist approved, these are the products your skin has been begging for – and potentially the only ones that can keep it looking glowy and healthy after an all-nighter studying in Lau.

Don’t believe me? willa was kind enough to send Thirty Seventh some of their most popular products, and after a few weeks of testing them out, they’ve completely revamped my beauty regime for the better (not to mention I can’t stop drooling over their more-than-perfect Instagram aesthetic – #goals).Here’s the lowdown on my product first impressions:

Face The Day SPF 30 Tinted Protection & Balancing Act Refreshing Mist with Rosewater


Since Homecoming festivities involved numerous outdoor events – tailgates, parties, and of course, the football game itself – I knew it’d be the perfect opportunity to test out these two products. I layered the Face the Day sunscreen underneath my normal makeup, and felt a lot better about soaking in the sun at the tailgate on the lawn. It also acted as a pretty amazing primer for my foundation! Lots of foundations include SPF already, but the small amount they provide isn’t enough to keep your skin protected, so adding in this extra step is a quick way to ensure you’re doing all you can to stay safe.

As a cheerleader, I spend an average of three hours per game sweating and shouting for the Hoyas – and on sunny days, my makeup pays the price. Throwing the Balancing Act mist in my cheer bag was the perfect move, since it made sideline touchups quick and easy. The spray totally refreshed my cake-y makeup and made it look like it had just been done. Safe to say this product was a major halftime game-changer.

Out-of-Sight Concealer Pen


While I personally never struggle to find my perfect concealer color, I acknowledge that lots of girls do experience this issue on the regular, which is why I can really appreciate willa’s shade range, with four shades which suit everyone from those with lighter, more fair tones to those with deeper, caramel complexions. Aside from the universal color options, the second best part about this product is the packaging. Concealer in a clickable pen equals no mess – plus, it’s compact enough for me to toss in my bag before a night out on M Street. This product blended naturally enough to achieve perfect no-makeup makeup, but its coverage and staying power made it essential to nailing any and every beauty look I wanted.

Acne Three Step Set – Clear Skin Acne Cleanser, Pore Perfector Treatment Pads, & Zero Shine Oil-Free Mattifying Lotion


As someone who struggles with acne, I was extremely hesitant when it came to swapping out my current, benzoyl-peroxide-heavy routine for a totally different approach. Long story short – I’m happy I did. While it’s still too early to see a dramatic difference as far as my blemishes are concerned, I’ve received multiple compliments on my skin looking brighter and more refreshed since switching over to the willa 3-step routine.

Step One, the cleanser, is loaded with salicylic acid to ensure breakouts are treated efficiently – bonus points for creating an effective exfoliator without microbeads! Step Two’s pore pads target the bacteria that sits deep within the pores, known to upset skin and causes acne; not normally one to continue applying products to my face post-cleanser, these pads were an awesome second step to treat my skin. The Step Three lotion is easily one of the best mattifying moisturizers I’ve ever come across, and its slight tangerine scent make it as appealing as it is effective.

Not only does willa boast some awesome products, they also offer ways for you to get involved and be more than just a customer. This might sound familiar – you’ve definitely heard of other beauty brands taking this approach in the past, like the well-known Avon representatives. Think of willa’s tactic as the updated, Instagram-Age approach. If you’re looking for an easy, rewarding and fun way to earn some cash, look no further – what’s more ideal than promoting a brand like willa, with effective products and an awesome message for girls?

All the willagirls are total #girlbosses, but being a campus rep at the CEO’s alma mater? Twice as cool. Apply to be a willagirl and become one of the skincare-savvy chicks peddling the product – promote the brand, host event parties, and make money while you do it. willa is looking for campus representatives at any and all colleges across the country, so be sure to give your product junkie friends the hookup and show them how to apply.

An opportunity to beef up your makeup bag and your resume? You’re welcome.

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