By: Sean Davey

For a year lacking in truly witty pop culture references (recall last year’s ubiquitous Miley Cyrus VMA outfit), Halloween weekend was host to a fair number of clever, yet risqué takes on ordinary looks. Without a royal wedding or a jaw-dropping music video moment (sorry Taylor Swift, Bad Blood doesn’t make the cut), Halloween-goers were left pretty much to their own creative devices in the search for a good costume. Here on the Hilltop, this entailed students surfacing from Lau 2 in the midst of midterm season to trek to Party City – or in the case of particularly thrifty Hoyas, Buffalo Exchange – to find a truly Insta-worthy look.

Photo courtesy of Mollie Coyle.
Photo courtesy of Mollie Coyle.

Some standouts from this year included the popular Star Wars ensemble, an especially relevant costume given the upcoming reboot, which involved variations on flowing Jedi robes, Princess Leia double buns, and of course, light sabers. Another, possibly more budget-friendly hit costume was the “Mets player,” which gave New Yorker Hoyas the chance to rep their home team during its first World Series appearance since 2000. With a nod to the surprisingly entertaining presidential race, there were also more than a few Donald Trumps roaming around campus this weekend. Perhaps most tongue-in-cheek of all, however, were the “Netflix and chill” duo T-shirts sported by a number of students. All of this being said, no college Halloweekend would be complete without the standard costume fare: private school girls, cats, mice, penguins (?), and basically every other member of the animal kingdom. The popularity of these types of looks this year proves that what Georgetown lacks in creativity, it clearly makes up for in commitment.   

Photo courtesy of Keenan Garry.
Photo courtesy of Keenan Garry.
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