By: Gigi Grimes

Photos by: Christine Zhang

6:00am—Wake up and smell the (lack of) coffee! Waiting for our Saxby’s coffee delivery, I got on my best MSB business professional attire and got ready for the long day ahead.

7:30am—Morning workout time! Though I’ve never tried cross-fit, I’m pretty sure I have a good idea of what it’s like after carrying enormous boxes of goodie bags, t-shirts, and snacks from apartments across campus to Gaston Hall. Instead of finishing my workout with the traditional cross-fit shot of kombucha, I traded it for a shot of much needed espresso.

9:00am—You may have seen a crazy-looking girl in kitten heels and a blazer sprinting after cars outside the Healy Circle to give unintentionally incorrect directions. That was me. Luckily for our guests though, I finally gave accurate directions to our coffee vendor who arrived just in time.

Christine Zhang_TEDx 02

9:20am—Guests are arriving! Georgetown community members, students, and TEDx fans from across the country pile into Healy Hall to get their schedule for the day. Time to check people in, give them their goodie bags, and guide them up to Gaston Hall!

10:00am—First speakers are on stage and TEDxGeorgetown 2015 is underway! Our first session titled, “Inspiring the Uninspired,” included a mix of student and professional speakers who discussed a wide range of topics from getting arrested at an environmental protest to risking it all to find your true self.

Christine Zhang_TEDx 04

11:45am—Lunchtime! You may have seen that crazy girl in the blazer again running through Healy circle directing food trucks and helping vendors set up their tents. Luckily, all the vendors arrived on time and were ready for our guests! This time I finished my workout with some free dumplings from Pinch Dumplings #nom

Christine Zhang_TEDx 05

12:20pm—I had the opportunity to hear the amazing student speaker, Caroline James, talk about her experience being arrested for an act of civil disobedience against an environmentally degrading pipeline during her breakout session. Never underestimate the power of a Georgetown student!

12:45pm—The second set of speakers take Gaston’s stage to discuss their emotional, inspirational journeys in this session titled “Fail Forward.” This mix of speakers included incredibly inspiring Georgetown students as well as favorite Georgetown professor, Colman McCarthy.

Christine Zhang_TEDx 03

2:30pm—Star struck while chatting in the Green Room of Gaston Hall with World Series of Poker Winner and TEDxGerogetown keynote speaker Annie Duke. She explained how she actually wouldn’t speak about risk in her TED talk, because poker players calculate risk with a single equation making it uninteresting; however, strategy and mindset during the game can greatly impact a player’s uncertainties. She even gave me a few tips for how to play, so watch out world there’s a new card shark in town!

3:00pm—Final group of speakers on stage! This High Risk, High Reward session focused on how to calculate risk and what we get out of taking risk. This final session included some amazing student speakers like Margot Keal, Elijah Jatovsky, and Patrick Lim who each discussed their unique experiences with unexpected events and how they made the best of them.

4:45pm—All TED talks completed, and it’s time for team pictures in Gaston! The whole team gathered on stage for some fun and candid pics. I even got to play on the grand piano but shh don’t tell DeGioia.

5:30pm—Reception time! We got to finally sit down for the first time all day and engage with the speakers. Personally, my highlight was the catered food, which I had the job of ordering, so I got to enjoy all of my dinnertime favorites 🙂

6:30pm—Dropping off extra goodie bags in Lau to share the gift of TEDxGeorgetown! Free SoulCycle, Sweetgreen, Shop House, Down Dog Yoga and more!

10:00pm—Time to get wasTED (#punny?) and start thinking about TEDxGeorgetown 2016!

Though the day was long, we filled it with fun experiences that most GU students don’t get to have! I hope to see you at the conference next year and if you thought that my 12 hour day with TEDxGeorgetown sounded like something you’d want to do, apply to the executive board in the Spring!

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