By: Adele Marchant

Photos by: Caroline Thomas

You’re dancing the night away at ChiDi and, after a fifteen minute wait, you finally make your way to the front of the line for the bathroom…and see your face in the mirror. Your mascara has totally melted, and you definitely don’t have any foundation on anymore. What will that guy think?! He can’t see my actual face! Have no fear – here at Thirty Seventh, we’ve figured out a sweat-proof, dance-proof routine to keep makeup lasting from the moment you step out to your post-party binge at Epi.


  1. Start with a skin primer.


One of the greatest weapons in all of makeup application is a primer. For daily wear, it smoothes out your makeup and allows better application. Even better, it makes your foundation last a million times longer. I recommend a matte primer for going out, to combat shine and keep your face glowy (not sweaty) in your Instas.

2. Use a higher coverage foundation.


Generally, the thicker a foundation is, the less it will melt away throughout the night. While you may not be comfortable wearing a thick mask of makeup, an extra bit of foundation on special nights out could seriously add a few hours to your look. If you’re more of a light-to-medium coverage girl, just add another layer of your normal foundation to make it thicker and last longer! Pro Tip: If you feel like your foundation is too thick, simply mix in a bit of moisturizer to thin it out.

3. Set makeup with a powder.

DSC_3802 (1).jpg

When you dust – don’t pat! – a powder foundation or loose powder onto the face after applying foundation and concealer, it helps to counteract the oils in your skin and lock in the foundation for longer-lasting makeup. It doesn’t need to be caked on, but a light application with keep oil at bay for an hour or two longer. Pro Tip: if you’re really serious about having your makeup stay on all night, you might want to invest in a liquid/cream formula bronzer, blush, and highlighter, as well as powder versions to set them with. When cream products are set with powders, their lasting power increases, making flawless makeup totally foolproof.

4. Use an eyeshadow primer.


I know you worked hard on that smoky eye and the world deserves to admire it, even at the end of the night at Dominoes. To do that, I recommend you invest in an eye primer. This will keep the eye shadows and liners on all night long, but also keep your lids from creasing and make the colors more vibrant. A win-win for everybody.

5. Break out the waterproof mascara.


If you find your smudgy mascara is making you look more KISS than Kylie Jenner, it might be time to switch to a waterproof formula. It works with sweat just like it does with water, so it’ll keep raccoon eyes away for the night. And yes, it will take you 4553053985 seconds to take it off at the end of the night (or more realistically, the next morning), but it’s worth it to look sane in those late-night Snapchats.

6. Lip liner isn’t just for Kardashians.


While this tip seems basic, it’s truly essential to lipstick lovers everywhere. Adding a lip liner under your lipstick provides a base for your lipstick, similar to that of a primer. It prevents the color from bleeding – and also can be used to make your lips look bigger (Looking at you, Kylie Jenner. Yes we mentioned her twice). You can match your liner to your lipstick shade, or you save money and opt for a nude color to use underneath everything. Not a lipstick girl? Try a lip stain for another long-lasting option with great color payoff.

7. Finish with a setting spray.

And for the final step, set your makeup with a setting spray. These will not only help your makeup last longer by sealing the outer layer like a hairspray (p.s. if you’re bold you can even use a hairspray to do this!), but it will also make all that makeup you put on your face look more natural. Instead of leaving you with a powdery finish, it will give you the natural satin finish you want to look like you woke up like this.
I know it sounds like you’ll be wearing the entirety of Sephora on your face, but try picking the steps that address your makeup concerns and personalize your routine. After all, a few tweaks to your daily procedure could make that 3 a.m. selfie not the worst you’ve ever taken. And after all this product, my most important advice is to wash your face at the end of the night before you go to bed…but you probably won’t. Here’s hoping.


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