By: Jeffrey Adelson

Photos by: Serena Pu

The final installment of this interview series features a student who had already absorbed the culture of two distinct cities before arriving to Washington, D.C.

Alden Truesdale is a junior transfer student from Boston, MA, now studying French and Anthropology in the College. Alden transferred from Fordham University on the Upper West Side of Manhattan, but she spent her sophomore year studying abroad in Paris. During her first year at Fordham, Alden made friends and enjoyed her classes and professors, but felt the school was too small for her and that it was restricting her options academically and socially. She was very attracted to the style of the students around her who displayed very fashion forward and formal looks. ‘Sweatpants were not a thing’ as many students already had internships or commuted from their homes in the city to classes. In Paris, similarly, there was not much in the way of casual dress, but Alden was impressed by Parisian high school students who wore very fashionable and practical looks with sneakers, leather jackets, and skinny jeans and older Parisians who did not use their age as an excuse or a reason to not dress fashionably and elegantly.



Alden transferred to Georgetown primarily to find a more contiguous campus feel and to find a school that offered stronger overall academics and more options in her chosen fields of study. She has really enjoyed her time here so far, relishing the activity of Georgetown students and enjoying the vigor of the course work and clubs. Alden has found the style of Georgetown students similar to that of Fordham: students well dressed and with a purpose – prepared for interviews and internships. Comparing Paris and D.C., she commented that D.C. seems much more focused on business and lacks a bit of the romance and relaxation that Paris has. In her own style, Alden tries to emulate the styles of Fordham students and Parisians while maintaining comfort and practicality. She enjoys a clean and put-together look that will also allow her to move around and do everything throughout her day with ease while maintaining a chic appearance. You can commonly find Alden slaving over homework or at practice and meets with the Georgetown Fencing Club.


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