By: Aaron Warga

Photos by: Charlotte Jones

If, unlike me, you actually manage to pull yourself away from campus every now and then (never again will I take 20 credits and work 2 jobs in one semester), you’ve probably walked along Wisconsin Avenue, passing the numerous quaint storefronts that line the street.  There’s one that you should have stopped at, between Prospect and M, adjacent to El Centro (which I’ve still never been to), called Goorin Brother’s Hat Shop.  It’s pretty long, and narrow, and full of… hats.  It’s the cutest damn thing you’ll ever see, seriously.  

Hat Shop_Charlotte Jones7.JPG

You know what else is the cutest damn thing you’ll ever see?  My friend Camion, who works there.  She may or may not be my favorite (and the most attractive) person at Georgetown.  She looks incredible in hats, which clearly worked out for her pretty well.  I may (definitely) have a crush on her.  Before you all get your hopes up, she’s taken (sad face).  Also, she gives the best hugs, just ask Charlotte, who took lovely photos of the store (and of me, you should have come to expect that by this point).  I asked Camion to tell me a bit about Goorin Brothers.  You guys, even its history is cute.

The name “Goorin” comes from Cassel Goorin, an artisan hat maker who sold his creations from a horse-drawn cart on the streets of Pittsburgh over a hundred years ago.  Goorin Brothers is now the last family-owned hat shop in America.  Most of their hats are made in Pennsylvania, but they also sell handmade pieces from Ecuador, the UK, and China.  Goorin Brothers is now run by Ben Goorin, a fourth generation owner of this family hat company.

Hat Shop_Charlotte Jones1.JPG

I realize I forgot to tell you what the inside of the store looks like, well besides it’s shape at least.  It’s old-fashioned, and not in the “get back in the kitchen” or “you can’t get married” kind of way.  I mean in the adorable, retro Americana sort of way.  There’s a worn American flag mounted by the entrance, beaded chandeliers hanging from the (surprisingly high) ceiling, the tables and shelves are made of rich, dark wood, and there are lovely little treasures, like cups of feathers and pins and a vintage camera, hiding throughout the store.  Also, the hats are really, really cool.  I tried on a few (a lot).  Camion looked better than me in them.  I’m still bitter about that.  

Hat Shop_Charlotte Jones1 (1).JPG

Now that it’s gotten colder, you may find your head in need of a bit of protection from the elements.  You may as well look hot while keeping your head warm by getting a hat, and Goorin Brothers is kind of the perfect place to do that.  Plus you’ll probably get to see Camion, double win.

Hat Shop_Charlotte Jones2.JPG

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