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Momofuku Milk Bar has finally found its new home in DC at 1090 I St NW. I know what you’re probably thinking—what the heck is a Momofuku? Do they sell shots of milk at the Milk Bar? Though the name is confusing, this New York City favorite’s innovative menu is not. The sister bakery of Momofuku restaurants, Milk Bar, prides itself on its trend-setting baked goods options and its legendary ice cream. But with so many great-sounding options, it can be hard to determine which dessert to get. Luckily for you, I volunteered myself to test out a bunch of items from the store to find the best things on the menu. So here’s a list of some do’s and don’ts that’ll have you looking like a Momofuking pro next time you go!

Momofuku - Grimes


  1. If you order anything on the menu, make it the b’day truffles. The truffles come in a pack of three for $4.35 and each singlehandedly will change your life for the better (or worse because you’ll become addicted). Filled with vanilla rainbow cake and tossed in white chocolate, you will be savoring every last bite of these truffles.
  2. Try some of their insanely cool cookie flavors ($2.25 each). If you’re looking for a chewy and sweet cookie, the answer is the cornflake-marshmallow-chocolate-chip cookie. If a more sweet and salty combo is your thing, then the compost cookie is the one for you. It has a mix of pretzels, potato chips, coffee, oats, butterscotch and chocolate chips all together in one delicious bite.
  3. Venture away from the sweet options to try some of their delicious savory buns and breads. We tried the bagel bomb ($4) and the Thanksgiving croissant ($7). The bagel bomb embodies everything you could wish for in an everything bagel but makes it immensely more fun. A small ball filled with smoky bacon scallion cream cheese, the bomb gives you the best part of the bagel in every single bite. The Thanksgiving croissant is definitely more filling but is equally as delicious as the bomb. Made with stuffing flavored bread and filled with turkey, homemade gravy and cranberry sauce, your heart will warm with the cozy feeling of Thanksgiving and your taste buds will thank you.

Momofuku - Grimes 2


  1. Even though it’s what they’re famous for, do not get the cereal and milk ice cream—it tastes like a bowl of cornflakes in ice cream form. I know that it would make for a great Instagram post, but a great Insta does not equal great food. If you want to get an ice cream go for the Crack Pie flavor ($5), which is based on their famous Crack Pie, a gooey and warm butter cake in a toasted oat crust.
  2. While the truffles themselves are delicious, the truffles blended into milkshakes makes for a lackluster shake. We tried the birthday cake shake ($6.50), which blends their cereal milk ice cream with three b’day truffles into a milkshake. Though the flavor was great, the texture was subpar. Because the cereal milk ice cream is very thin, the chunks of b’day cake truffles mixed in makes it pretty difficult to eat as the straw gets perpetually clogged.
  3. Don’t go during busy hours, or you could be waiting in a line as long as Georgetown Cupcake’s on a Saturday afternoon. Because the store is so small (there’s no real seating inside), they can’t service many people at a time, making the line super long at times. We went around 7pm on a Monday night and had to wait for about 10 minutes before we reached the front of the line; however, by around 8pm there was no line at all. Try to make your trip either a bit later or a bit earlier (they have coffee so you can go for a breakfast trip!) so that you won’t have to wait.


Overall, Momofuku’s combination of comfort food with a trendy twist makes it definitely worth the trip. So next time you’re looking to break the Georgetown  bubble, treat yourself to some b’day truffles and bagel bombs—they’re literally and figuratively amazeballs—it’ll be the best Momofuking decision you’ve made all year.

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