By: Annamarie White


*Sips organic, gluten-free, sugar-free, made-from-the-tears-of-angels tea*

I hope you all had a nice winter break and are ready for Spring semester.

*Flips through perfectly organized color-coded planner*

As we resume life on the Hilltop, refreshed after some time away from Lau, it’s possible that some of you might be looking to make some changes in your lives.

*Pauses to enjoy the smaller things in life”

Oh, ew. Another New Year’s resolution post. 

But wait! Before you close this tab in disgust and go back to “reading the syllabus” like your professor asked you to, hear me out. Yes, this post is about preparing you for the new semester. It is NOT, however, about dramatically vowing to perform a complete upheaval of everything slightly-less-than-perfect about your life. You don’t need that shit stress.


And don’t let anyone ever tell you otherwise. 

What, then, are some achievable goals to better your spring semester? Read on…

Step 1. Take better care of yourself. This doesn’t mean that you need to hit up Yates every day and cut Chipotle from your diet. Thirty Seventh does not endorse that kind of cruelty. We do, however, endorse self care. This means getting enough sleep and knowing when to skip the party or the 3AM study sesh. (Trust us, there will always be another chance to sweat your makeup off in a crowded Vil B basement, or to see the sun rise from your cubicle on Lau 5.) Sleep is a beautiful thing that allows you to do neat stuff like pay attention in class, hold a coherent conversation with a friend, and not spend your life savings on coffee at UG. It’s so easy to get swept up in the hustle and bustle of everyday life that sometimes we find ourselves stuck in a pattern: something like Class, Study, Meetings, Instagram-Stalking, Repeat. We encourage you to break the cycle! Arrange to meet a friend for coffee or take a leisurely dinner at Leo’s (possibly the first time that sentence has ever been written). Bonus points for hanging out off campus — as much as we love Georgetown, sometimes the best way to realize that love is from far, far away. Also, get some exercise. Science has proven that, contrary to popular belief, sweating is not actually a form of devil worship.

If you are looking to transform your life, though, we strongly endorse the Josh Peck Transformation Strategy. 

Step 2. Learn a thing or two. (This step was sponsored by your parents. They’ve seen your Facebook photos, Mister). Okay, we know that if you got into Georgetown there’s a good chance you’re a pretty smart cookie. This second semester resolution is less about improving your transcript and more about taking advantage of all the resources we’re privy to here on the Hilltop. While it’s easy to see your professors as those pesky little things that assign research papers and cumulative exams, they are also incredibly successful and knowledgeable in regards to their respective fields. Take advantage of their decision to mold young minds by attending office hours or chatting with them after class. You don’t even need to make small talk about the particulars of Modernist Literature — most teachers are happy to impart any and all life advice you seek. Professors aren’t however, the only wise people on campus: your peers can also serve as understanding and constructive mentors. Seek out people on campus who you would like to emulate and ask to pick their brain. More often than not, Hoyas are happy to help other Hoyas.

Actual proof that professors can be awesome. 

Step 3. Get over it. Sometimes we make grand resolutions at the beginning of the year (“I’ll stop leaving my apartment key in random public places, like the Regents elevator”) and later on realize that they will simply never come to fruition. That’s okay. Accept the fact that sometimes life is easier if we don’t change our ways, and as long as you’re being reasonable, it’s okay to pick your battles. So what if you only made it to Yates once this week (and you turned around when you got there because the walk there is really a workout in and of itself)? Did you use that extra time to help a friend in need, or triple-check that paper due tonight at midnight? Or did you use the time to veg out and avoid responsibility? Contrary to what your friend might have told you as they sipped their thirteenth mocha in between back-to-back meetings, it’s okay to slow things down.

This year, I’m resolving to channel my inner puppy more often. 

With each new semester also comes a chance to reflect: What did I do well last term? What would I like to achieve over the next couple months? Generally, the decision to relieve stress, make time for ourselves and our friends, and allowing ourselves to learn a lesson or two for good measure will add up to a pretty successful semester.


Did this change your life? Will you forever be indebted to me? Are you craving more 3-step solutions for your otherwise hectic, multi-step Georgetown student lifestyle? Gotcha covered.


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