By: Adele Marchant

I know most of us rarely keep our New Years resolutions. In fact, by February we’ve often forgotten what they even were. For those of you who are serious about stepping up your beauty game in 2016 – or at least are trying to – we put together some resolutions to keep in mind come January.



Resolution #1: Thou shalt wash thy makeup off EVERY NIGHT.

For most girls, this is a hard one. You stumble in – or, as I like to imagine, saunter in – from a night out and crash on your bed before you can even put on your pajamas. The next morning, you wake up with dry, crumbly mascara and way more blemishes than you fell asleep with. As annoying as it may seem when you’re exhausted, washing off the day’s makeup nightly is so worth it when you consider the benefits. Your skin repairs itself while you sleep, so all that work goes down the drain if you keep it covered with makeup.


Resolution #2: Thou shalt wear facial sunscreen EVERY DAY.

As young adults, we often feel invincible. We deny we will ever get those crow’s feet our parents have. But let’s face it: you can’t fight aging. We can, however, try to prevent the inevitable, and lessen the damage our skin must face. Sunscreen may seem like a smelly, chemical nuisance, but not only does it prevent aging due to overexposure to the sun’s harmful rays, it simultaneously protects against other horrible things like sunburn and cancer. Seriously – buy a daytime facial moisturizer that contains sunscreen (SPF 50 at least!) and wear it daily.


Resolution #3: Thou shalt put down the straightener/curling iron/blow dryer.

I’ve heard it 4929402493 times: “My hair won’t grow!” Part of the problem is the damage we inflict on our locks through the consistent use of hot tools. Do your hair a favor and give it an occasional break, even if it’s only during school days (and when you do use heat, spritz on a thermal protector to lessen the damage caused). There are hundreds of Youtube hair tutorial for heatless looks to spice up your natural locks, and I’m sure that cute guy in class won’t even notice. Your hair and your lack of split ends will thank you later.


Resolution #4: Thou shalt clean thy makeup brushes & ditch expired makeup.

Be realistic: We often forget how long it’s been since we washed our brushes last, and while this seems harmless, the bacteria on our face builds up on these and can cause acne and infections – no thank you. I recommend going to the drugstore and buying some baby shampoo to give them a quick and cheap cleaning. For girls struggling with acne, washing your foundation brush weekly can greatly improve your skin, especially when you’re using a liquid foundation. While you’re at it, throw away 3+ month-old mascara and 1+ year-old foundation. All makeup has an expiration date on the packaging (there’s usually some indication, like 24M). Not only does expired makeup harm you, but it definitely won’t perform as well as a fresh new product, making applying it a lose-lose situation.


Resolution #5: Thou shalt sometimes go without makeup (especially to the gym).

You. Can. Do. This! Not much explanation necessary for this one. It’s important to let your skin breathe and rid itself of toxins. All makeup does in fact clog your pores to some extent, and your skin is your biggest organ, so it requires a little love to stay on point. Let your beautiful skin do its thing, especially when sweating those toxins out on the treadmill at Yates.


Resolution #6: Thou shalt drink more water.

Water might be the single most important thing on this Earth, and it’s definitely the most important thing in the beauty world. So drink up, and while you’re at it, skip the soft drinks. My golden rule is to drink half your body weight in ounces each day. It will make your skin clearer, you mind sharper, your health better, your flirting more effective, your ability to dodge that creepier guy quicker, your eyeliner application steadier, etc. Trust me. Take advantage of those free water cups at Chipotle.


Resolution #7: Thou shalt not compare thyself to others.

The most important resolution of all: do not compare others’ beauty to your own. We are all beautiful and wonderful people, no matter what gender, race, religion, socioeconomic status, sexual orientation, intellectual level, or opinion you hold of yourself. By being yourself, you are automatically one of the billions of beautiful people on this earth. Just because that girl on Instagram has skin that’s clearer or thighs that look skinnier does not mean she has it all. In fact, she might look at you and envy your crazy beautiful smile. So keep doing you!
Here’s hoping we remember our New Years resolutions for more than two weeks -and perhaps make it to Yates more than once! Good luck!!

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