In preparation for our upcoming partner event with LuLaRoe and Tastee Pastrees on Saturday, Feb. 13 (2 p.m. – 5 p.m.) in White Gravenor 201A, we interviewed Angel Cheeks, the founder of Tastee Pastrees, about her business and LuLaRoe.

How did you get started baking? Why did you decide to make it into a business?

Before I started baking, I used to watch Cake Boss and pastry shows all the time. People like Duff Goldman and Paul Hollywood influenced me to start baking. I loved how everything was so creative and every time I saw what they made I’d just say, “I can do that”, or “it looks easy”. Well, the key words there were “looks easy” because starting my business and doing it solo has not been easy at all. The first time I baked from scratch, it was my freshman year of high school. I brought my cupcakes to school and handed them out at lunch for free. I decided to make it into a business because everybody loved my cupcakes. I was like, “really? You do?” I was surprised everyone loved them as much as they did. It got to the point where if I didn’t bring cupcakes, they would be very upset and demand more. When I saw how much the presence of cake and sweets made people happy, I decided, why not make it into a business? All of my friends and even teachers were suggesting the idea so I figured I’d try it out. I am a self-taught baker. I went home, went on YouTube and found out how to pipe my icing using different tips, make my own fondant, and I also taught myself how to make some really difficult cakes. The name of my business used to be “Angelic Cupcakes,” but I had to change it because an actual bakery took my name and I didn’t want any legal issues to occur. I mainly started the business in order to help my mom out because there were some things I wanted to buy that she didn’t have the money for or sometimes I didn’t even have enough money to travel back and forth to school. 

What is it like carrying out your business from New South? How do you fulfill your orders? 

So far I’ve only done 4 orders at Georgetown. Other orders have been from my same loyal customers and even new ones that live in the DMV area (I’m from DC). Its pretty easy to do orders, I just buy my same supplies and use the common room to bake. Luckily no one ever cooks or bakes in our common room that much, so it’s always available. 

What is your favorite thing to make?

I absolutely love making cakes. I love to challenge myself with making all of the different tiers and creating cute designs and making people’s ideas for their cakes come to life. My favorite cake of all time that I’ve made is a Disney Cars themed cake. 

What sparked your love for baking?

Honestly, it came out of nowhere. No one in my family bakes so I figure it’s just from me watching baking shows and being amazed by the bakers’ work. I saw baking as a challenge, so I wanted to go for it. 

If you were a pastry which one would you be?

If I were a pastry I would definitely be a cinnamon roll. I’m fluffy on the inside and appealing to the eye and at the same time I have some spice in me. 

What makes your cupcakes unique? 

As cheesy as it sounds, what makes my cupcakes unique is that I make them with love. I say this because I used to literally wake up at 5:45 a.m. to get to school by 7:45, come home around 9 p.m. because of practices and clubs I participated in in high school and do my homework until about 11:30 p.m. I would be up until about 3 a.m. fulfilling orders that had to be ready by the next day. I actually talked about this in my salutatorian speech at graduation. That’s love and commitment. When I make my pastries and cakes I make them to the best of my ability. They have to be perfect because I refuse to give any customer a mediocre order. If it’s not right the first time, I do it all over again. 


How do you keep yourself from eating all of the cupcakes you make? 

Ironically, I don’t even care too much for sweets. When I taste my cupcakes I only taste a little because I really just don’t like cake that much, I just love making it. Odd right?

What is your favorite part about baking?

My favorite part about baking is mixing the batter because I like to eat the leftover mix, even though you aren’t supposed to. *laugh*

Why did you decide to partner with Camille? Tell us about LuLaRoe. What makes it unique? Why would Georgetown girls love LuLaRoe?

I decided to partner with Camille, LuLaRoe’s Georgetown Campus Representative, because I know she is very capable of being even more of a success than she is. LuLaRoe is a family-oriented brand founded in 2013 that manufactures all kinds of clothes. What makes LuLaRoe unique is that sizes range from 2XS-3XL and they only produce 700-1000 pieces of clothing in a particular print, so get it before its gone! I think Georgetown girls will love LuLaRoe because everyone loves comfortable, cute, and fashionable clothing! I think they will especially love the leggings. 

Why do you love LuLaRoe? 

I love LuLaRoe because the leggings are bomb! They are literally soft as butter and anyone who knows me knows that I love my leggings. 

What is your favorite Thirty Seventh article? 

My favorite Thirty Seventh article is “Don’t Worry, Your Hair will Grow Back.” ( In November, I cut my hair, and I remembered reading this article and thinking about how when I cut nearly all of my hair off, as a female, everyone was so shocked. Every time someone saw me and made a big deal out of it asking “Why did you cut your hair?” (with the same facial expression like I killed my cat or something), I was just like “Ummm, because it’s just hair and it grows back.” I never understood why society has labeled women to be the ones to have super long hair and only males heads should be cut. No thanks, I love my short hair. 

Visit LuLaRoe  
Discount Code: GTLLR5OFF (or just show this story at the event for $5 off)


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