By: Bella Gerard

I’ll be honest – last Friday marks the second time I logged on to Kylie’s site naïve enough to think I stood a chance at getting my hands on one of her highly sought after lip kits.

And for the second time, I was disappointed – each shade sold out in the blink of an eye.


If you’re a Kardashian-lover like me, you’re likely only buying the Kylie Jenner Lip Kit for the novelty – the packaging is more appealing than the actual quality of the product (AKA if a Lip Smackers Chapstick looked better on your lips, you’d probably still rock the lip kit).

For those of you who care more about product than brand name, however, reviews have praised the lip kit as high-quality, high-pigment liners and liquid lipsticks. However, keep in mind – there are dozens of high-quality liquid lipsticks on the market. And getting your hands on them requires as little as a walk down to M street’s Sephora, or up to Wisconsin’s CVS.

If you’re craving the Kylie Jenner look regardless of the brand, check out some liquid lipstick dupes below, guaranteed to be more effective than the Kylie Jenner Lip Challenge ever was.

Option 1: NYX Liquid Suede Cream Lipstick

At about $7, this NYX product is likely the cheapest – and most effective – option when it comes to amazing drugstore liquid lipsticks. These Liquid Suede  lipsticks can be found right at your local CVS, and will have your lips looking Kylie-esque in no time. The shade ‘Tea & Cookies’ is a pretty close match to Kylie’s ‘Posie K’, and the cream formula applies soft and dries super matte.


Option 2: Tarte Tarteist Lip Paint

Tarte’s newly released Tarteist line includes a set of $20 lippie paints that have been getting a lot of buzz as incredible liquid lipsticks. The collection has everything from nudes and baby pinks to deep magentas and even a highly pigmented lavender. With cute names like ‘Bae’ and ‘On Fleek’, these lipsticks even have matching lip liners to help you recreate Kylie’s over-lined look. Try out ‘Namaste’ and ‘TBT’ for nude-y mauve shades like ‘Candy K’ and ‘Dolce K’.


Option 3: LA Splash Lip Couture Liquid Lipstick

A brand familiar to any and all beauty gurus, LA Splash is known as the master of all things lip products. At just $14, we recommend these liquid lipsticks as the closest match to the Kylie kits as far as application and finish – plus, they’re waterproof, so they dry to a matte finish that lasts through anything – we’re talking dinner, drinks, and that DFMO at Chi Di you’re trying to forget. Check out dozens of Kylie-esque shades on their site – pinky ‘Rose Garden’, nude ‘Ghoulish’, and red ‘Till Midnight’.


Now that you’re in total liquid lipstick mode, grab a liner and a lip scrub – and please start with a lip scrub – and start practicing your pout for the perfect Kylie-inspired selfies, sans $29 lip kit.

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