By Jojo Greenzaid

Yes, we know our parents want us to use our meal plans as often as possible, but how is a hungry Hoya supposed to swipe in at Leo’s on the reg when a foot of snow – or worse, black ice – envelops campus?!  This situation – and any other time you’re feeling too lazy to make it out to Chateau O’Donovan’s – calls for some self-love via food delivery apps.

Stop sitting in your Harbin common room mapping the distance to Epi, and instead get hip to the best food delivery services, all available at the tap of your shattered phone screen! All you need is a hungry tummy, an iPhone (or an Android, if you’re one of them), and an address.

After testing out five food delivery apps, Thirty-Seventh has narrowed it down to our top three favorites. Get the scoop below, and forever rejoice at the convenience and taste bud satisfaction provided by 2016 technology!

1.Favor Delivery

  • Download in the App Store or go online. 
  • Best known for providing jumbo sushi rolls, known as Buredos, to the Hilltop’s hungriest and hippest Hoyas. Student Mariana Jurado (COL ’18) describes it as “an immaculate, triumphant creation”.


  • $6 flat rate delivery fee, with no surge charges during times of high demand!
  • Delivers food from your favorite restaurants – just enter the items you want from any location in your delivery zone. (PRO TIP: They also deliver non-food items, like your dry cleaning, prescriptions, or groceries!)
  • Average delivery time: about 35 minutes.


  • You can’t view your receipt with tip and delivery fee (which are automatically added) until after you’ve placed your order.
  • Laura Fawzi (MSB ’17) advises customers to very explicitly state your address to avoid confusion. This includes all directions, from “left turn here, right turn there” to “next to the red fire hydrant”. The more detailed you are, the better your chance at getting your delivery quickly and efficiently.



  • Download in the App Store or sign up online. 
  • Best known for being a 24/7 delivery service that will deliver you those trendy cake balls from Momofuku Milk Treat Bar. (PRO TIP: Don’t forget to Insta those mouth-watering bad boys to make your followers jealous – little will they know you skipped the Uber ride and hour-long line by ordering the straight to your dorm!)


  • Each restaurant listed has a custom “Estimated Delivery Time”, so if you need Starbucks by 10:00am, you’ll know exactly when to place your order.
  • HUGE selection of restaurants nearby as well as top-rated locations on the Maryland and Virginia border. (I strongly recommend curbing your bacon-egg-and-cheese-bagel craving via the best bagel shop in the DMV: Bethesda Bagels!)
  • Restaurants browse-able by category for easier search and selection process.


  • Slightly more expensive delivery fee (on average about $10-$15), especially during times of high demand, when prices are raised.
  • Delivery people sometimes travel via bikes, which can be risky if you are someone who is worried about their cupcakes arriving right-side-up.

Processed with VSCOcam with s6 preset



  • Download in the App Store (exclusively for iPhones and Androids).
  • Restaurant options that span Downtown DC, from Georgetown to Capitol Hill, Adams Morgan, and Columbia Heights.


  • No tip! All the deliverers ask in return for good service is a five star rating on the app.
  • I can get my favorite restaurant, Shophouse Southeast Asian Kitchen, ubered (Fictitious verb that I hope appears in the newest edition of the Merriam-Webster Dictionary) to me on days when that walk all the way down M Street just isn’t an option.


  • Menu changes daily, so don’t freak out if your favorite #GOODEATS spot was listed yesterday, but not today – it will return!
  • Available restaurant options also vary depending on time of day.


Use these tips to figure out which app suits you best – or test them all out yourself in a three-course meal guaranteed to make even Chicken Finger Thursday look unappetizing. Say Goodbye to hunger pains and Hello to great food at the tap of your touchscreen!

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