By Adele Marchant

Photos by Christine Zhang

Butts are in.

The best part? Everybody’s got one. Second best part? You can make yours stronger, rounder, tighter, and more lifted – and you don’t even need to pick up a weight (although we definitely encourage them for those of you looking to kick it up a notch). Here are some of our favorite booty-busting workouts, perfect to spice up your workout at Yates or in your dorm when your roommate leaves.

For some extra tips on our Yates-approved moves, check out our article for beginner lifters!


These are probably the most popular and well-known booty exercise. Simply place your feet shoulder length apart and bend at the knees until your legs hit a 90-degree angle. Then return to starting position and repeat. The key here is to keep your shoulders tall – the movement should be in your knees only. You can also add weights, whether by holding them in your hands or resting them on your shoulders. Squats have many variations, so feel free to mix it up by switching to jump squats or sumo squats.

Christine Zhang_Workout 01

Walking Lunges

Stand up straight and walk one leg out extra far in front of you, dropping the knee to the ground until it almost hits the floor. Your leg should once again be at a 90-degree angle with that knee right over your ankle. Return to your upright position and repeat with the opposite leg. Add weights (either resting on your shoulders or holding them and lowering them down at your sides) to up the difficulty.

Christine Zhang_Workout 02

Donkey Kicks

Get down on all fours with you palms and knees on the ground. Lift one leg up behind you while keeping your knee bent at a 90-degree angle, until your thigh is level with your torso. It should seem like you’re almost kicking the sky with your heel, but all the strength of the movement should come from your waist. Return your leg to start position and repeat with the other leg. How to get the most out of this move: rest a weight in the crook of your knee, or add some ankle weights.

Christine Zhang_Workout 04

Clams with Raised Ankles

Lie on your side with your bottom arm propping your torso up off your mat. Bend at the knee, press your feet together, and raise your ankles off of the mat. Slowly, lift your top knee to open your legs up, like a clam. Close your legs and repeat on both sides. For more intensity, put a resistance band around your thighs.

Christine Zhang_Workout 05

Bridge Lifts

Lie on your back with your feet on the ground and your knees bent. Slowly lift your pelvis up to the sky, hold, and then drop it back down and return to starting position. How to amp this move up: hold a weight on your pelvis (the plates are best for this) while you raise it, or lift one leg as you raise and repeat with each leg.

Christine Zhang_Workout 03

*When working out, form is important to master so you don’t injure yourself. The ultimate goal is to make your movements as small and controlled as possible, instead of trying to rush through them as quickly as you can. If our photos didn’t do the trick, we recommend checking out some Youtube videos that can visually walk you through these exercises. 

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