By: Patricja Okuniewska

Photos by: Jessica Li

If you’ve ever mourned that the closest Indian restaurant to Georgetown University’s campus is nearly a mile away, then your sorrows have come to an end. Curry & Pie, which has replaced Eat & Joy as a late-night food favorite, offers an amazing menu of mouthwatering Indian food with an American twist. Upon first glance, the small eatery seems underwhelming, but it does successfully mirror the Georgetown charm that attracts residents, students and tourists alike. The townhouse-like building is covered in a facade of white painted bricks, a simple and aesthetically pleasing exterior to the bold flavors found within.OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA

Located at the intersection of 34th and M streets, Curry & Pie is open from 12 PM to 10 PM Sunday through Thursday, and from 12 PM to 3 AM on Friday and Saturday. It is closed on Mondays. It is comprised of two floors– the bottom for catering and takeout orders, the top for sit-in diners who seek a private, quiet eating area. The blue-grey and white walls and big windows work together to lend a cozy atmosphere upon sitting. OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA
The restaurant was not busy on the Friday night when my friend and I decided to go and check it out. Our waiter was very friendly, efficient, and attentive, a great addition to the wonderful dinner that followed. The menu offers a large variety and is divided into ten different sections, including traditional Indian dishes such as curries and tandoor, as well as unique twists on common dishes eaten in America, including pizzas with a South Asian inspiration. My friend and I decided to see how the restaurant approached classic Indian dishes, so I ordered the matar paneer while my friend ordered the malai kofta. We got naan and mango lassis for the table in order to enjoy an authentic Indian food experience. OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAOur food came fast, with less than 15 minutes of waiting. Our entrees were served upon simple, white plates and dishes to match the colors of the restaurant, which really enhanced the vibrant colors of the food. Rice was served in a bowl for the table to share, and our dishes were the perfect temperature and smelled amazing as they were set before us. The mango lassis were served in mason jars, giving this traditional Indian drink a modern flair.

The matar paneer, which contains green peas and chunks of paneer in a creamy tomato sauce, was delicious. Both the sauce and the cheese had perfect textures and consistencies. The spices added to the dish were slightly different than I was used to, but I enjoyed it immensely anyway. The malai kofta, which consists of potato, veggie and paneer patties cooked in the same creamy tomato sauce, was beautifully colored and arranged. The sauce was what made it truly incredible, and the patties were cooked perfectly. The mango lassi was very smooth and thick and was a light and refreshing addition to the spice-heavy dishes.OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERABecause the serving sizes of the dishes were quite large, our waiter brought us containers for taking the rest of our food home. The check totaled to a little over $30, which was incredibly reasonable considering the amount of food we received.

Overall, I loved my experience at Curry & Pie, and I can’t wait to go back, whether to sit down for a chicken tikka masala, or to order mango chicken pizza takeout. It is sure to become a favorite among Georgetown students craving Indian food at all hours of the day, and will truly add to Washington DC’s food scene, which already boasts many amazing ethnic food spots.


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