By: Jojo Greenzaid

Photos by: Serena Pu

SerenaPu_InstaReady 06

This is Julia.

Julia does not over-edit her photos.

Julia does not need Facetune ($3.99 App Store) to smooth her blemishes.

Julia likes to look the same on Instagram as she does in real life.

Julia uses Physician’s Formula #InstaReady makeup.

Julia embraces #NoFilter.

Be like Julia.

Looking flawless while looking natural can be a hard balance to strike, but drugstore brand Physician’s Formula just made it much, much easier. Everyone knows the rules of Instagram etiquette – including Thou shalt not call someone out for looking #YesFilter(s) #HeavyEditing – but after applying the brand’s Beauty Balm BB Cream, #SunkissedGlow bronzer, and #ContourLikeAPro blush stick, you’ll have your followers fooled.

SerenaPu_InstaReady 17

Thanks to these incredible products, over-edited Instagram models are now a thing of the past. By minimizing the appearance of pores, reducing shine, and blurring imperfections, this makeup is a foolproof way to appear instantly more photogenic – sans Photoshop.  A quick stroll to CVS on Wisconsin to purchase the #InstaReady, #BudgetFriendly makeup line is all it takes to make Kylie Jenner’s selfies look weak AF in comparison with your own.

After testing out Physician’s Formula #InstaReady products on model Julia (MSB ’18), Thirty Seventh thought it wise to compile a list of Instagram editing DO’s and DON’Ts with a little help from these incredible products, so our followers can look as cool and camera-ready as we know they truly are.

SerenaPu_InstaReady 08

Don’t zoom in close on your forehead in the Facetune app and drag the Smooth tool across your virtual face. Cheaters never win. These days, everyone knows a blurry, pixelated face raises a red flag.

Do squeeze a small amount of Physician’s Formula Super BB #InstaReady Beauty Balm onto your hands and spread it evenly onto your face with fingers or a Beauty Blender. *PRO TIP: Don’t forget to apply the ultra-lightweight liquid formula along your neck and jawline to avoid harsh lines make the color appear natural.

SerenaPu_InstaReady 12

Don’t try to fake a tan by increasing the saturation of your photo by 80% using the Afterlight app. There’s nothing worse than looking golden brown in the photo you posted, but porcelain in the version your friend tagged you in on Facebook. Your followers will be keen to the fact that something just doesn’t match up…

Do apply Super BB #InstaReady Filter BB Bronzer to warm up your look. Not only will the silky texture blend effortlessly onto your skin, but you radiant glow will be consistent online and in real life – goodbye saturation tool!

SerenaPu_InstaReady 16

Don’t jealously stalk Kim K’s Instagram profile while trying to master the contouring technique her professional make up artists use on her cheekbones…

Do sculpt, contour, and highlight in just one-step with Super BB #InstaReady Contour Trio BB Stickavailable in two multi-tasking shades: Blush Trio and Bronze Trio. Apply in one clean sweep and blend out generously to get a glow Gigi Hadid herself would envy.

Not only do these 3 products successfully blur skin imperfections for a foolproof #NoFilterNeeded look, they also protect against harmful UV rays thanks to their SPF 30; does your editing app do that? Grab one of these incredible products – or all three! – and be prepared to look incredible on and offline. We’ll be sure to throw you a like on Instagram.

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