By: Adele Marchant

We’ve all seen some incredible TedTalks, but I doubt that all of us have seen some of the most relevant TedTalks: the ones related to the beauty and fashion culture that define a large part of our lives as millennials. In an era marked by an obsession with physical beauty and material goods, TedTalks of this nature are not only interesting, but they really hit home. Here’s a few eye-opening talks we strongly recommend:


*We did a piece on last year’s Georgetown’s TEDx series and we loved it – maybe this year we can hope to see some talks similar to the ones we’ve included below!

On the standards of beauty and diversity:

“A New Standard of Beauty” by Amber Starks

This video is easily my favorite. We don’t owe prettiness to anyone, and society and advertising certainly doesn’t deserve to define what beautiful is. An amazing watch for any women, especially Women of Color.

On media and its effects on women:

“An Epidemic of Beauty Sickness” by Renee Engeln

A close second favorite. Anyone today can attest to how much physical appearance matters as a consequence of the ideas the media perpetuates to us. Often this “epidemic of beauty sickness” overtakes our lives and we don’t even realize it.

On apologizing for instead of celebrating our beauty:

“In My Chair—A Makeup Artist’s Perspective on Beauty” by Eva DeVirgilis

I think anyone who wears makeup can relate to this. What will it take for us to appreciate the beauty we have?

On the benefits of having a small wardrobe:

“The Ten-Item Wardrobe” by Jennifer L. Scott

Jennifer L. Scott learned many lessons while she studied abroad in France, including the value of having less, but better quality, clothing. Now that fast fashion has taken over our lives, we (and our wallets) could benefit from embracing the minimalism of a smaller and more deliberate wardrobe.

On accepting our bodies:

“Plus Size? More Like My Size” by Ashley Graham

Ashley Graham (one of this year’s Sports Illustrated Swimsuit Edition cover girls) gives a wonderful talk on self-love, asserting that we all can be our own role models.

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