By: Claire Nenninger

Photos by: Isabel Lord


As someone who loves fashion but hates spending money, I appreciate resale shops of all kinds. Thrift stores are not only cheap, but they are perfect for anyone whose style is more eclectic and not really congruent with any one clothing store or style. A trip to a thrift store or consignment shop is always an adventure, since you truly never know what you will find. You may have to sift through a lot of coal, but there are some hidden diamonds in there somewhere.

Until coming to Georgetown, the majority of my thrift experience was at Goodwill. I still swear by Goodwill, but I was ecstatic when I found Buffalo Exchange at such close proximity to campus. Though a bit pricier than Goodwill, Buffalo Exchange still offers affordable clothing, which also tend to be significantly more fashionable. That’s why I chose Buffalo Exchange for this challenge.

The Rules

Basically, the challenge is to bring at least one friend, some money, and your creative spirit. Choose a price limit (we chose $50) and see who can put together the best full outfit. The price of course can be adjusted. We chose a $50 limit because we included shoes; otherwise sticking with just with just $30 or $40 would be reasonable.

Also, shout-out to the marvelous Buffalo Exchange employees who not only let us take pictures, but were also very patient with us as we kept hogging up most of the dressing room area.


The Results


Outfit #1 – $47

($8 top, $15 pants, $24 shoes)



Outfit #2 – $42

($12 shirt, $12 pants, $18 shoes)



Outfit #3 –  $32.50

($9.50 top, $11 pants, $12 shoes)



Outfit #4 – $45.50

($10 top, $11.50 shorts, $24 shoes)



Outfit #5 – $37

($9 top, $12 pants, $16 shoes)

The Recommendation

Overall, I had a lot of fun working on this challenge. Doing a fun challenge like this can be a fun way to spend time with your friends while shopping at the same time, so I highly recommend it, but fair warning, it’s easy to find several affordable outfits you’ll love, and even easier to then wind up buying ALL of them. So if you really want to get some clothes and not spend much, only bring the amount of money you’re willing to spend. It’s better to be safe than sorry. And you won’t be sorry, because you’ll end up with some sweet new wardrobe additions either way.


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