By: Sean Davey

As winter recedes into the distance and college students everywhere forsake their AllSaints paraphernalia in favor of Adidas, Ray Bans, and anything boho-chic, this transition in style marks the dawn of the best time of year for music lovers and crop top fans alike: festival season. With Coachella looming just around the corner, and Governor’s Ball and Bonnarroo following not long after, prepare yourself for an Insta deluge of ‘70s cuts, flared looks, flower crowns, and last but not least, the dreaded fanny pack. The hallowed festival grounds of Palm Springs and Randall’s Island will play host in the coming months to celebrities (namely, Vanessa Hudgens), bloggers, music fans and just about anyone else with a vested interest in Brandy Melville and selfie sticks. In all seriousness, every so often a handful of fashion heavy-hitters emerge from these festivals, doing so by reworking conventional looks in creative and sophisticated ways. Whether that means breaking out the denim romper and harem pants or simply steering clear of flash tattoos, the best bet for any festival attendee is to do whatever it takes to avoid being cliché. With this in mind, Thirty Seventh offers a roundup of some of our favorite festival style of years past:

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