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Let’s be real – sleep is important. And Arianna Huffington, president and Editor-in-Chief of the Huffington Post , is on a mission to prove it. She recently wrote a book called The Sleep Revolution, which stresses the importance and benefits of living a well-rested life, and includes tips on how to do just that. Huffington is not naïve to our current no-sleep culture, especially on college campuses. “There is a collective disillusion that sleep is dispensible”, Huffington recently told Cosmopolitan . “We think that somehow if we get less sleep we are more of a winner.” She goes on to stress how essential sleep is to both a person’s productivity and happiness – and after midterms season leaving my peers and I completely exhausted, I’m starting to think she’s right.

To make sure college students are getting all the info they need on why sleep matters, Huffington Post is taking their spiel on the road – cue the Sleep Revolution Tour, coming to Georgetown’s campus on April 8th. Huffington Post has partnered with Remodo,  a company specializing in boxed bedroom sets that are both reasonably priced and exceptionally stylish. In honor of the Sleep Revolution Tour, Remodo was kind enough to send Thirty Seventh a Boxed Room to set up, in hopes of proving just how much your environment can affect the quality of your sleep. Being a broke college student, I jumped on the opportunity, seeing as it involved all of my very favorite things: online shopping, sleeping, and redecorating.

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After selecting the Twin XL Revitalize set as the ideal Boxed Room for my style, I received a large package from Remodo and immediately tore it open. Inside, I found all the essentials for perfectly chic dorm bedding: a crisp white duvet with matching sheets and a pillow case, a cozy peshmatel blanket for decoration, and a brightly patterned pillow to pull the look together. Along with the bedding essentials came some desktop décor: A coral picture frame, a small clear Lucite tray, a gorgeous gold rimmed agate coaster, and two bins – one large and one small – for storage.


The best part about this setup was that it really was everything I needed for a clean, cozy dorm room – but it was also versatile enough that I could personalize it to my taste. As someone consistently cold, I added in my thick brown crochet blanket, as well as my go-to boyfriend pillow and some DIY wall decorations . I was thoroughly impressed by how fresh the Remodo kit looked on my normally dingy dorm room bed – there’s something about crisp white sheets that can seriously elevate your whole day.

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After a long night studying in the Healey Family Student Center, I returned home and was greeted not by my normally cluttered and cramped bedroom, but by my trendy new Remodo setup. Rather than spend another hour scrolling through my phone on the couch, I found myself eager to lounge on my comfy new bedding – and it wasn’t long until I was totally passed out.

While it’d be overdramatic to say that some new sheets virtually changed my sleeping habits, surrounding myself with a clean and cozy environment did help me de-stress after a long day, and it definitely made me crave my bed and some shuteye. Waking up the next morning, I felt totally refreshed – no midterms and no under-eye bags!  After this first night of grade A sleep, I made a point to prioritize sleeping – would my new schedule stop me from attending Trivia Tuesdays at Tombs or putting the final touches on a paper? No – in fact, it made me more alert and able to focus, allowing me to get more done in the hours I was awake. New bedroom, new me.

Remodo has been kind enough to offer a discount code especially for Thirty Seventh readers – use code SleepRevolution15 at checkout when buying a any Boxed Room set for 15% off of your order! I highly recommend the Revitalize kit, but there are tons of other color and pattern options for you to choose from. Consider it your one-stop bedroom shop – bye bye, endless line at Bed Bath & Beyond. If you’re really looking to step up your sleep game, they’ve even introduced two Boxed Room sets  customized for the Sleep Revolution Tour!

When you’re done with your class-assigned readings, I highly recommend picking up Huffington’s The Sleep Revolution – as well as stopping by the event on April 8th. For more information on the event, check out the Facebook Event here – you might even see a Thirty Seventh table boasting some giveaways.


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