By: Mallory Murray

Photographs by: Isabel Lord

Are you tired of your gym routine?  Did the winter weather have you stuck on a boring elliptical in Yates – or worse, stuck in bed?  Well now that spring is in the air, there’s no better time to get out and moving. Grab a friend or go solo to test out some of these energizing workouts this spring:

Fitness Classes:


DSC_0979What it’s like: Working out in a nightclub. The beat is dropping and you are sweating. Join the cycling movement that is fun and challenging.

What you will need: Long leggings so your legs don’t rub against the bike seat and a water bottle. Towels are provided, and you can rent the cycling shoes there.

Cost: $30 a class

Location: There’s one in Foggy Bottom and a new one right down on Wisconsin.

305 Fitness

What it’s like:  One of the newest crazes in fitness, this class is a workout dance party featuring a live DJ. Have fun dancing it out and getting your day’s workout in at the same time!

What you will need: Athletic clothes, sneakers, and your best dance moves.

Cost: $25 a class or packages available

Location: 1630 14th St NW

Down Dog Yoga


What it is like: Down Dog utilizes hot yoga so I guarantee you will be dripping with sweat. That said, yoga is great to stretch your body, sculpt your muscles, and unwind after a stressful week of classes and work.

What you will need: Yoga clothes, a towel, water, and a mat.  You can rent mats and towels there if you need to.

Cost: You can purchase a variety of packages or get a week free with a student ID but I recommend the $5 class offered on Fridays. 

Location: 34th and Prospect

Lululemon Barre or Yoga Class


What it is like:  Depends on who’s teaching.  But barre classes combine yoga, pilates, and ballet to create a dynamic sculpting workout.

What you will need: BYOM.  Bring your own mat.

Cost: Free! One of a college student’s favorite words. Just check out the class schedule on the website.

Location: Lululemon Athletica Store at M St and Potomac

Scenic Jogs:

Especially as the weather warms up, running is one of my favorite ways to exercise.  Not only is it free, but you get to explore the city and work on your fitness at the same time. Lace up your most supportive sneakers and hit the trails!

The Monument Run


5 miles minimum to Lincoln Memorial

How to get there:

Run down to the waterfront then go left.  Keep running along the river toward the Lincoln Memorial.  On the way, you’ll pass the Watergate Complex and the Kennedy Center.


This is an iconic and popular Georgetown running destination.  The run along the waterfront is beautiful, and you get to visit a couple of DC landmarks like the Lincoln Memorial and Washington Monument. This is the perfect selfie running destination #fitness @thirtyseventhgu.

The White House Run

4 miles

How to get there:

Run down M St, and then when you get to 29th branch, turn right onto Pennsylvania Ave.  Keep running down Pennsylvania until you get to the White House (hint: it’s on 16th St).


Wave to the Prez for me and be sure to take a snap and hit up that White House geotag.

Roosevelt Island

3 miles minimum

How to get there:

Go across Key Bridge into Rosslyn.  Turn left on Lee Highway then where Lee Highway meets Lynn St there is a trail.  Continue down the trail until you see a small bridge connecting the mainland with a wooded island to the left.  That is Roosevelt Island!


Explore the trails of Roosevelt Island in a peaceful forest and escape from busy DC life for a while. 

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