By: Bella Gerard and Jojo Greenzaid

Photos by: Bella Gerard

While Georgetown has had some seriously impressive graduates – looking at you, Bill Clinton, Bradley Cooper, King Felipe VI of Spain, etc – our absolute favorite has to be Christy Prunier. If you’ve read our previous article, you already know all about Christy, her daughter Willa, and their success as an entrepreneurial duo with their healthy skincare line, willa.  We’re excited to announce they’ve recently released a new product, the Skin Elixir, and Thirty Seventh got to test it out and give you the low-down on how it works.


The Skin Elixir is described as a deep moisture face oil, which willa says “contains a blend of 7 essential botanical oil oils to leave skin exceptionally hydrated, soothed and replenished”. Too good to be true? We thought so, too – that is, until we tried it out. Check out our reviews below to see how the Skin Elixir renewed our skin after just two weeks of use.

Name: Bella

Skin Type: Combination

Concerns: Fine lines, acne scarring, dullness

First Impression: I expected to feel this oily residue on my face after application, but after rubbing in the recommended three to five drops (five – trust me) I was really happy to note that the product had entirely sunk in. However, the incredible scent lightly remained, which was a major bonus.

1 Week Update: Prior to using this product, I struggled with combo skin that was fairly dramatic – very oily on my T-zone and very dry just about everywhere else. The first result I noticed from the Elixir was a sort of balancing – suddenly, the oils had subsided and my dry patches diminished. This not only made my complexion look more even without makeup, but it made my makeup application – and product longevity – way easier and much more effective.

2 Weeks Update: I originally imagined myself needing to combine this with a moisturizer to feel like I was thoroughly giving my skin the moisture it needed – I was totally wrong. I use five drops in the morning after washing my face, and five again at night before applying eye cream and heading to sleep. It’s definitely enough to keep my skin supple.

Final Thoughts: As someone who has never used a serum before, the Willa Skin Elixir has definitely converted me. My skin feels totally revitalized after using this product for a full month now – the fine lines I worried about in my forehead are nearly nonexistent, and my skin not looks far brighter and more refreshed than I thought possible – even with my Georgetown schedule of late nights and early mornings. Makeup application is also a dream thanks to this product evening out my skin as a base. I could hardly wait to take the Elixir to Florida on break with me, as a few extra drops were the perfect way to sooth my sunburn (Don’t worry, I used willa’s SPF too!).

Willa4Name: Jojo

Skin Type: Dry

Concerns: Hyperpigmentation, dry patches

First Impression: Prior to trying willa’s Skin Elixir, I used to smother my thirsty skin with anything I could find at CVS and Sephora promising “intense hydration and moisture” – I was on a mission to relieve my tight, dry skin. As someone with a tendency to use way too much of a product, I was amazed by how little of the Elixir I needed to use to see a huge difference. My first application left me feeling hydrated, without the sheet of oily residue that other creams leave on top of my dry patches when they should be absorbing into my pores.

1 Week Update: After one week of twice daily use (mornings and nights after washing my face with my favorite willa cleanser), the benefits of the Elixir’s naturally enriching oils were immediately apparent. In addition to combatting dryness, the lightweight, effective serum reduced the appearance of redness around my nose and cheeks.

2 Weeks Update: Because the miracle potion (as I like to call it) did its job so beautifully, I no longer felt the urge to attempt to scrub the dryness away with harsh exfoliators. Instead of constantly needing to replenish my face’s moisture, I was left with a glowing, dewy complexion thanks to only 5-10 drops of willa’s serum a day (no more cakey makeup buildup from overdoing the face lotion!).

Final Thoughts: The Skin Elixir has really improved my getting-ready routine—not only do I spend less time moisturizing my skin, but I can also take cover up redness off of my to-do list! This serum is proof that it’s not about how much product you use, but the effectiveness and quality of the ingredients that really count. If you couldn’t already tell, I like to call myself willa’s biggest fan (sorry, Bella!). That being said, I am already looking forward to trying their new self-tanning lotion. Once again, willa saves the day, and further proves the fact that Hoyas rule the world!


Good news to those of you hoping to grab this elixir for yourselves – willa is doing a major discount to celebrate their one year birthday! Use code BIRTHDAY during the month of April for 25% off of orders $60+! You can guarantee Thirty Seventh will be stocking up for summer.

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