How to Slay for Darty Season

By: Jojo Greenzaid

Photos by: Bella Gerard


As Georgetown Day fast approaches, Hoyas are beginning to notice a change in the Hilltop air. No, we aren’t talking about the familiar craving for Thomas Sweet ice cream, or the inevitable swapping of Lau time for Healy lawn lounging time – we’re talking about the commencement of a much-loved season. Known as #dartyszn for short, Darty Season marks the time of year when many of us commemorate longer days and hotter temperatures with cool drinks* and daytime celebrations.

Thirty Seventh has partnered with 37th & O’s top models to curate outfits so versatile and trés chic, they guarantee to turn Hoya heads all the way from the Chateau O’Donovan’s dining hall scene (never darty hungry) to the Vil A rooftop’s Coachella-esque festival setting. So, clear your afternoon and take note of the following darty looks, and test one out later this week to ensure that your days are spent in the most stylish, comfortable, and #dartyszn-appropriate fashions!

*Disclaimer: Thirty Seventh does not endorse underage drinking. Any and all featured models holding unspecified beverages, including but not limited to silver cans and clear cups, are permitted by rule of law to consume alcoholic beverages. Party safe, Hoyas!


Look I: Flannel and Go!

Cooler darty days can be a little tricky to master – unless of course, you have a go-to flannel on hand. The obvious goals of keeping warm and attracting Hoya chicas are made one step simpler via model Chris Hedley’s (SFS ’17) plaid button-up shirt – so comfy, so presentable, such a chick magnet.


Look II: Breezy Sundress

Of course, the timeless daytime sundress look is always a go-to! Bella Gerard’s (COL ’17) look is comprised of a patterned dress and nude booties, complimented by a delicate, boho-chic kimono that will have the haters saying “DANG! look at her werk that detail”!



Look III: Minty Fresh Shorts

“Who’s that hottie in the bright pastel shorts?”, they’ll say upon your arrival. Everyone knows salmon colored shorts are so last darty season… so trade yours for a minty fresh pair, and you’ll be ready to make Healy Lawn your catwalk! Nothing says “I’m involved in school activities and darty-ready” like pairing your mint shorts with a tee repping one of your many extracurriculars.



Look IV: Baseball Cap

The delicate lace on model Bella’s cream top juxtaposed with the retro, faded blue of her Hoyas hat (available at the bookstore) puts a girly, playful spin on your typical school-spirit-heavy ensemble. Added bonus – topping off your look with a hat means no need to spend extra time doing your hair!



Look V: North by South

We are so hooked on these pocket tees, created by a Hoya alum’s luxurious t-shirt brand North by South. This tee allows Chris to dress up and look polished, all whilst maintaining his casual, feel good energy. (PRO TIP: Read Thirty Seventh’s conversation with the one and only Matt Aronson to learn more about the process behind these shirts!)



Look VI: Romper and Go!

Romp around campus feeling as free as Jack the Bulldog in your favorite romper! This go-to wardrobe staple not only allows you to comfortably dance the day away, but also promotes the desired “I am cute but I don’t try too hard” aura by opting for a one-piece outfit instead of layers of clothing!



Look VII: Patriotic

What’s red, white, blue and Hoya all over? Chris during darty season! Everyone loves a patriotic Hoya, so don’t hold back from strutting your most spirited stuff at your next daytime event! Have your outfit do all the talking with a statement tank that shows off your hard work at Yates (our fave tank reads “We’re Bringing Saxa Back”). Nothing better than a lover of both Georgetown AND America, #amirite?



Look VIII: lo + jo bands

Create your own custom darty top like this half-and-half zipper tee with lo + jo bands! (Promo code HOYASAXA for free shipping on Georgetown’s campus!) For this look, navy and gray printed capris are the epitome of bleeding Hoya blue, and the overall outfit is so Hoya Sexy, even John Carroll will sneak a smile at you!



So, Hoyas, with the aforementioned outfit ideas in mind and a Swizzler hotdog in hand, you’re ready to take #dartyszn by storm. Take our advice and have the Healy clock tower photobomb your “candid” shot, and we may even throw you a like on Instagram (if we’re not too busy getting compliments on our own darty ensembles)!



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